Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Climate Skeptic's Children Get Burned

     I just discovered a story in junkscience.com and the greenhellblog that made my eyes bleed. The Moonbat run and Moonbat funded Oregon State University has expelled three graduate students. These students are the progeny of Doctor Art Robinson / climate skeptic and the opponent of Congressman Pete DeFazio (D) in the past election. Robinson lost his bid for the House seat. As soon as they were sure that their candidate had won, the university board; along with faculty and donor elite went about attacking Professor Robinson's very gifted children. Robinson was even warned by faculty President Higgenbottom that, "Your children will never get a doctorate degree at Oregon State." Professor Higgenbottom's career is about to be ruined by these Greenies as well for blowing the whistle on this hit job.
     As if this expulsion wasn't egregious enough, the university appropriated the "Neutron Activation Analysis Facility" which was constructed and run by Robinson's oldest son as part of his graduate  thesis. The facility and it's entire operating budget were handed to a student with a more Green oriented agenda. Furthering their "theft of intellectual property" the board confiscated the work done on his daughter's thesis and turned it over to a "more suitable doctoral candidate." This is outright theft! There is a petition to oppose this Ore.SU action and contact information can be obtained through the above mentioned sites.
This is blatant Leftist Saul Alinsi tactics. If you oppose this globalist, Statist agenda you wil be targeted, frozen and eliminated. As will your children and your "little dog Toto too!"


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The elitists strike again. It just does pay to have your head on straight in this country anymore.

Elm said...

This is craziness! I would say I'm surprised, but these idiots are doing a lot of stupid, uncivilized things lately. Makes me sick.