Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Move On--Nothing To See Here

As the gaggle of world despots leave Washinton and return it to us Tea Partiers today, we are left with the lasting (and lasting) impression of Chairman Obama bowing to the Chinese tyrant; that sinking feeling as he demolishes half of our nuclear arsenal and delivery systems; the feeling of security which he has surely enhanced (as he has said) by alienating our allies worldwide. None of which even showed up. We are going to be much safer, I am sure, when the UN has total control of all nuclear material stockpiles everywhere. This is his stated goal in the coming years. Iran and North Korea will surely come around and comply with UN directives by then won't they? Never mind that Syria has just sold Hezbollah SCUD missles which can reach Tel Aviv with a dirty bomb in minutes. Never mind that Syria was just given a US ambassador by Barack and John Kerry's approval to carry on as usual. Never mind that Israel has deoloyed naval forces in preparation for a two pronged attack. Never mind that as we have distanced ourselves from Israel the left and right in the Jewish world have joined forces to prepare for war. But just never mind---WAR IS NOT AN IMMINENT THREAT--now is it? I might prepare myself for a suprise. No matter what our response--or lack of it--would be to an attack on Israel, the ramifications economically and geopolitically would be huge worldwide. This administration is either naive or blatantly closed minded to this threat to Israel and world peace. Our Glorious Leader has already focused on the hostile takeover of any financial institution or major corporation which He and Timmy Geitner see as a threat to His power. Hiring and firing CEO's and executive board members at will, and threats of total takeovers by Executive order are the meat that this regime lives on. As stated in an article in The Hill today, this is a reach for power and property that Chavez can only drool over. Our enemies abroad are being loosed upon the world as the enemies within grab up more of your constitutional rights and personal property at every moment. With amnesty and mass redistribution plans for illegals, -----


LL said...

barack hussein obama is putting the nation and the world in a vary difficult place and we have 2 1/2 more years of this moron calling the shots from the Oval Office. Hopefully a new House of Representatives in November can put the brakes on all this "hope and change" we've been seeing.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Obama and his friends want us weak. They want our underbelly exposed and vulnerable to "our enemies" that he sees as friends. The world is laughing at us and wondering were the stability is going to come from now.

scott said...

The "stability" I am afraid, will have to come from our previous allies--Israel, France, or Eastern Europe. It is a shame but Barack has submitted to Sharia law.