Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Lose--You Lose Situation with Barney and Friends

Fannie and Freddie Mac were just granted permission to sue the Federal Government/The IRS over a 2.6 Billion dollar multi-year tax assessment. No matter what the result of said lawsuit, it is a wash for taxpayers.  Only the lawyers and bureaucrats win big, pulling in huge fees and Federal salaries with bonuses for a job well done. We are getting "well done" here! The FHA/HA head was "insulted" by a reporter's request for the reasoning behind letting an agency under total government receivership sue another government agency. He responded arrogantly that there would be no response to such questions, and has refused all phone calls since then. So what else is new? This sounds like Obama's response to Bobby Jindal when questioned about the wisdom of a drilling moratorium and the oil spill response. Barack The One responded--"Don't ask me questions that will embarrass me!" I am paraphrasing from Jindal's new book. "It's all about me and my BIG GOVERNMENT and no questions will be tolerated!'


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Scott, You leave out that it was a "governmnet entity" a court that is, that allowed a government entity to sue the government which by the way is or was not allowed in the first place.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I think Bwarney Fwank should be run out of town on a rail.

Hey Scott, this is a great new look my man. You did it before I started posting my how to blog design videos on the "Practice" sites. It was really easy, huh?

scott said...

Right, Chris.The courts are probably the most dangerous entity attacking our freedoms. One state, Idaho perhaps, just threw out the whole Liberal State Supreme Court!

Thanks Odie--When I get time I plan to see your advice and design a video.