Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, the much ballyhooed election time has come folks. Good fortune to all those "Right" minded people out there and confusion to our enemies!

See my next blog post to see how I got my last minute inspiration.

I would like to take a second though to thank some of my extremely intelligent and hard working followers for inspiring me throughout a very difficult year for me. Thanks to Woodsterman and Amusing Bunni for livening up my spirit--to Spidey; my fellow loose cannon--to "L", The Candle, Tristin Meecham, Opus, Conservative Perspective, and especially to Fuzzy Slippers and Rotti for setting the bar so high for any of us who follow them and for keeping me grounded and slicing through the demagoguery out there on both sides. My life is a fuller one just knowing there are good people like y'all still out there. Sorry for leaving out so many--However time is limited.

I offer all respect to my "esteemed collegue"--Did I really say that?--from the Conservative Perspective. He has commented, however that he is willin' to wait for two years ,when we send the Commies really packing, before major investigations or positive results begin to arise from this election. When I see the arrogance and affrontery demonstrated by the left today, with no respect for the law or basic ethics and morals I am appalled. I will see to it during the coming year, if I can, that my Rep. Boehner and any with a voice to be heard go after these anti- American scum and their foreign interests with tooth and claw. They are still moving on us and I say we need more Patton and less patten leather in Congress. Amputations all around for the tyrants and turncoats! I guess I'm still in halloween mode. LOL McCarthy was right--Bring back HUAC!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Scott, thank you for the mention and posting my favorite work.

AMPUTATION is the perfect way !

scott said...

Cut their funding and their support at the roots!