Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Real Power Is In The Wrong Hands

"Now the Congress does not decide (your fate in a crisis). It's much worse than that. Since Presidential decision directive number fifty-one, it's official. the president decides. The duly elected president takes control of the whole enchilada, what they call in Presidential Decision Directive number sixty-seven'the Enduring Constitutional Government.' On His command the U.S.A becomes the ECG and it stays that way until our new benevolent emperor decides the coast is clear again. The truth is that it could happen any time they want.In case you don't know it the powers that be have kept this country in an official state of national emergency almost every day since 1933.
Do you realize that if you live within a hundred miles of a coastline or a US border you're in what is called a 'constitution free zone", where the entire Bill of Rights can disappear in a heartbeat? That's not me talking, that's the ACLU. Two-thirds of us live in that zone; that's two hundred million American citizens."
     Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare this spot where I'm standing now, and every single square inch of this great land from sea to shining sea, according to the unalienable rights and powers endowed to me by my creator to be a Free Speech Zone!"
    Exerpted from "The Overton Window"--By Glenn Beck


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That's a wake-up call Scott.

Scott said...

There is more to this tomorrow---stay tuned.