Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mules Vs. Horses

Let me spin a analogous tale of the Liberal horse and the Conervative mule. I have all respect for the horse, being a flighty and sometimes a very dangerous animal. I have been bitten twice. I have seen the resiliance and pure power of the Belgian working on a logging site--very impressive--just don't get too close to them--they have a very wild temperment. They can kill or cripple a man with impunity. He has no sense as compared with the "Conservative mule". I was raised around mules and have some first hand experience. A horse will gorge itself to death on water and oats after a hard workout. A mule will not. A horse will run under the whip until its heart explodes. A mule will balk at such treatment. He will, however, work all day long at a steady pace if coaxed somewhat and treated humanely. A mule would not walk onto a covered bridge in my hometown if he sensed it to be unsafe. Stories abound of the lives saved by concientious mules. The mule however will move deftly around and over damaged planks as he can sense them by feel and see his own feet. A horse will move right on and break his leg, or worse yet fall and kill his own rider. A horse will run back into a burning barn for the sense of safety he feels. A mule tends not to do so. The domesticated horse will starve in the wild if turned loose. The mule will survive on browse.

My point being---- We need more hardheaded Conservative mules to lead our nation into the harder times ahead in "survival mode". What we have now are a bunch of Elitest Liberal race horses running their willing peers to the finish line and to their own slaughter. Only the strong will survive.  


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well then, lets hear it for the mules.

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