Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Next Page Has Opened

Congrats' to all of you old school Reaganites out there, like myself, who I feel have been at the forefront of this conservative resurgence. You have kept your faith and your values intact over the long dark years of Progressive ascendancy and Bush's socialism lite. We have kept two more generations--those who will listen--informed about the greatness of and the opportunities provided by a free and capitalistic system. These young folks are now moving toward the next phase of a revivalism in America.
Ms. Haley, the new Gov. of SC, said it well when she stated that some may say that history was made yesterday, however it is more accurate to say that a page has just been turned. Volumes must yet be composed in order to restore real freedom and Constitutional government. to Americans.
Here I must brag on my sleepy little steel town where some of us have sounded a call and many have awoken. The union/Demoncat machine has ridden us into the ground and broken our spirit, but some say no more. We have pulled off a clean sweep of these gangstas in what has been called "Little Chicago". These were the tightest races that I have ever seen. To those of you where those in your areas such as WV were not as fortunate or possibly as committed, take heart--there are many new Tea Partiers and just plain folks out here just ready to enter the fray and carry the load. Here is the short list of some of my local wins---
Portman-R. for Senate
Johnson-R. for House of Representatives 6th dist.
Kasich-R. for Governor
Sec. of State-R.
Atty. Gen.-R..
Supreme Court Justice-R.
State Auditor-R.
Next door-McKinley Rep. 6th Dist.-R.
And a Republican takeover in the State legislature as we see in so many states.


Gorges Smythe said...

There's an angle of West Virginia politics that isn't evident to outsiders. The fact is that Republican John Raese is so odious to many of us that it was all we could do to vote for him. When he ran against Manchin for his first term as governor, this fifth-generation Republican voted for Democrat Manchin, in fact. I didn't vote for Manchin the second time, though, and never will again. It reminded me of Obama versus McCain in 2008- a disgusting decision about which was the lesser of two very great evils!

scott said...

That odious wind was evident to me across the "Crick". I appreciate the reasoning behind it. Manchin may be hogtied by his flipflops on the major issues and become a non-factor. I see that "awful" coal industry is being attacked by Fed. lawsuits on Massey and mountaintop mining. Without cap and tax--they attack with Justice and the EPA and their environmentalist arm. Lived with it for years in steel.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Think and act Conservative and you will be enlightened.