Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Show Me The Money

The IRS is buying shotguns. See Drudge--2-3-10. As Princess Pelosi, her children, and Emperor Obama fly the friendly skies and live the lives of the rich and famous on catered Whitehouse gourmet meals, the hated middle class and corporate America are under the gun again. All investments are to be taxed--all charitable donations will be taxed--your first $2400.00 of unemployment benefits will be taxed--the mortgage writoff will be eliminated--teachers no longer can write off school supplies (home schooler attacsk scheme; all daycare is being regulated and either unionized or eliminated)--all offshore accounts in Switzerland among others are to be disclosed and attacked by agents of the aristocracy. This only touches the surface of the systematic destruction of the private sector economy as Obama and his anti-business czars move to set up the full monte of Communist style rule. New budget in hand, Barack will throw bones to select banks run by the likes of Friends of Rezko, Valerie Jarett, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank to name a few. The Deceiver in Chief will promise you cheap nuclear energy and new drilling contracts while using his lawyers and the Enviro-Weenies to kill any chance of these lies ever coming into fruition. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility has already been shut down, after billions have been spent to have it just ready to open up. No waste disposal---no nukes! Expect more executive orders concerning environmental and issues involving "social justice" soon. As the people keep speaking out and discovering more of Obama's hidden agenda, HE and his minions will be hard at work taking away your liberties and sacking the treasury at a record pace. Their schedule will only be moved up as the elections approach. The internet will soon be under assault by admin. and foreign control and all financial transactions are being tracked relentlessly. Hugo Chavez can only drool with envy at the massive theivery being pulled over on you "fortunate American taxable units" as Geitner and Paulson call us. Chickago gangsta's and ACORN workers have a name for this. They call it the Thug Fizzle. Your pockets have been picked and you didn't feel a thing--yet. The real pain comes later.


Writer X said...

Thug Fizzle?! Love the visual! :-)

Fredd said...

Are you just trying to put a happy face on things to come, Scott?

scott said...

True story--When ACORN workers would scam people into dual voter registrations or pocketed contributions they would call it a thug fizzle. GOTCHA! Yea' Fredd, I am basically a very cynical person, but if I can put my cynicism into a humorous light it tends to hit home with folks and go down a little easier. Makes 'em think too.

Susannah said...

Like the humor angle. Wish I had more of that talent...maybe if I read you more, it'd rub off?


btw, thanks for the follow