Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fear Not--I Am Here

The one has not forgotten you. He never sleeps without thinking of you and reading letters from the little children in trouble. Hundreds, or thousands, or millions of jobs have been saved or created. (They are just so hard to count.) He has formed a "Blue Ribbon Council" to attack Wall St. and the "bad" banks for you. They are run by the Apollo Alliance of Stimulus fame and will set new regs. for all financial transactions going forward. George Soros is in Europe expounding on the virtues of these new standards. These redistribution rules will mean billions in your pockets and for the poor worldwide. Just wait and see. You only have to pay for these fees and taxes for five or ten years and we will be paid back. He has PROMISED! David Pluff and Valerie Jarret are back running things now. Like Lenin did to Tolstoy Barack has thrown that hack Emanuel under the bus. He just needs to ram this insurance takeover through and things will look so much better. All student loans will be handed to those that really deserve them and if you just work for the Government you never have to pay them back. Just get a job at the OMB or the Presidential Economic Advisory Board and you never have to pay any taxes. Heck you can even cheat on your wife with impunity. That goes for mayors of Oakland and Treasury Dept. heads and Whitehouse staff as well you know. There is opportunity for all who are loyal at the seat of Presidential power. Barack will fight off all attempts of those Right Wing Extremists to gain any voice in the public sphere. This move by the radical Supreme Court to offer free speech to bad corporations will be stopped by Obama and Barney Frank. They don't deserve to speak. HE will be speakin to you every day, more and more often. HIS voice will ring always in your ears HE knows that you have missed his constant contact. Now is the time to double down on all agenda items. NBC has filed a complaint that ABC was getting more Obama air time, so expect a two hour infomercial very soon. HE wants huge ratings. HE will drown out all opposition with MoveOn.Org. and all progressive organizations. Many jobs are being created now in these groups which Soros and The Tides Foundation will fund. HIS voice will be heard! Cognitave Infiltrators (as described by Cass Sunstein) have been installed in all Cabinet level offices by Ms. Russo and The Justice Ministry to assure that the Government message is delivered VERBATIM. All blogs will be monitered and censured for opposition lies. Fight! Fight! Fight! For The One! He calls on you now in his time of need and low approval ratings. Don't pay attention to elections or polls--ALL LIES! These rallys against abortion that you saw in Washington and even in San Francisco were just astroturf funded by "special interests" you know. All future gatherings of this sort will be closely monitored and those extremists who take part will be found and dealt with. We will not be stopped now.


Anonymous said...

Lies, yes, that's about all this sack of crap does is tell lies one after another.
It is very difficult to keep telling the same lie and not expect the people to begin to see through it. Obama hasn't made a case for his agenda because he cannot tell the truth about it and survive politically.
In only one year into this administration all indications point to the conclusion that many of the electorate have measured Mr. Obama's worth and found him lacking. Severely. After a litany of missteps, inappropriate appointments, pedantic conclusions, outright lies, outrageous back room deals, ostentatious spending and pointless blabberings, it seems there is not only serious buyer's remorse. Even his own pary is sick of him and his socialist agenda. He has wasted a whole year on his healthcare crapapola and even that is in deep doo doo right now. Obama won't really change because he is a statist/socialist idealouge who truly believes an elite cadre of fellow leftists know what is best for this country... From Marx to Hitler to Stalin to Mao to Castro they have always been failures as is Obama and will be...The spell is broken, the people have woken up, the fairytale is at an end.

The Madness of King Barack (Mr. Phoney) is becoming evident. As is Lady "Antoinette" Pelosi.

Fredd said...

Scott: you forgot to mention all of those kazillions of 'saved jobs.' C'mon, man, you were issued the talking points by Rahm, remember, before he was thrown under the bus.

Right is Right: Lady 'Antoinette' Pelosi says 'let them eat cake.' I agree with this analogy and wrote a few words on this very insight of yours a few posts ago.

scott said...

I also forgot to mentin the tried and true litany--BIOB--Blame it on Bush. The circus trials which are only meant to out Bush and Cheny along with the CIA are still pending; albeit in NY city or near me in western PA. The moonbat lefties and Soros have an insatiable itch to see Republican Warmongers brought before the Haigue. BO's time may be over in one term but the real battle has only begun with the embedded enemy in our midst.

Rotti said...

Haven't been here in a while. Forgot how entertaining you are.