Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Down To It--NOW!

Alright now y'all; this is a new year and the Great One says it is the age of responsibility. All you fat white cat bankers; entrepeneaurs--all you taxpayers better get back to work. You have at least six months of work to go just to pay for federal and union salaries and slushy payoffs. We have to keep bailing out these failed Dem. states. The FED and Goldman Sacs need another record profit year. And don't even think about sluffing off your civil duties. There is a new army of IRS agents watching your every move, economically and politically. Remember that half a slave is still a slave and you signed on for this one. Don't you cry out boy or we'll flog you. Eric Sothers will soon be in charge of security here sucker and we'll hammer down on you white power, anti government, pro-life Christian radicals then. The Dear Leader has just proclaimed a new "Council of Governors" run by a Community Action Activist leader to coordinate all National Guard, Home Security and Federal/local police forces. You have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. There is no Constitution to fall back on fool. It has been overriden and WE have the power now. You redneck imperialist idiots think that you are going to make some changes this fall don't you? Well think again! WE will not permit elections if we see you moving against us. Our forces are in place and WE will use them. Keep your nose to the grindstone serf and be thankful for what we give you ---or ELSE!


heyman said...

Damn you da man but keep your head down!

scott said...

Gotcha dude, hangin' tough up here!

scott said...

PS--Eric Sothers just took his name out of the running for TSA head. We keep knockin' them down.