Thursday, February 18, 2010

Give Me Your Babies Now!

Always watch the left hand of these progressives in Congress. Just as we slow the progress on one destructive agenda, they procede to introduce yet another intrusive measure into our lives. Bills have been introduced in both houses of congress to establish executive commissions on the judicial pursuit of child welfare issues. The premise here is that not enough is being done to prosecute parents who commit even the most minor of violations to the "rights of the child". This definition of child rights has been declared and pursued vehemently by the UN with the support of Hillary Clinton and radical feminists. The details of this legislation and UN mandates can be found on Judicial Watch and Breitbart TV. What this amounts to, in essence, is the final and ultimate assault on your rights as a parent. Mandates set by the corrupt UN, foreign and domestic academia, as well as The Obama Dictatorship will be set into law and "Judicial Councils" will be set up to enforce these rules. So you think you will be able to teach your children at home and sidestep the constant barrage of leftist propaganda do you. You really believe that you will be permitted to instill a sense of Christian Morality and common sense rules of behavior for your children do you. Just watch the new videos that are being produced that explain to these young minds how much smarter they are than us stupid parents and how their large demographic will now be able to contol the political agenda from now on. Will our lives be dictated by the likes of that little genius Megan McCain. Hitler said--"He who has the children owns the future." We have lost control of much of the academic movement in America as the progressives either change more of our history or eliminate it every day. History--pre 1890--is now considered irrevelant and not taught. Berkely High School is dismissing four science teachers in order to spend more resources on social programs that focus on leveling the standards so blacks and hispanics appear to be suceeding in their school work. So we don't teach science and everyone gets dumber to level the playing field. This "redistribution" of academic resources is as crazy as the redistribution of wealth schemes of the current regime. "Trickle up poverty" makes everyone poor and they call it fair and equal. The quality of the learning experience in America has been lowered so many times that a high school education just 40 years ago would be the equivalent of any four year degree today. Take my word for it. With such successful programs in store for our children in these modern progressive schools, I am sure that these bureaucrats and judges will do a fine job of mandating how you will raise your children from the very first day of life. Right! I intend to follow the progress of this legislation very diligently, as the subtle wording of it's provisions will affect families more than you may ever realize until it is too late.

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