Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We down for this mon?

Just a quikk heads up to y'all peeps out thea'. The Obummer Czar force is on the underground move. Every trick in the book to get the first camel's nose under the tent before anyone is the wiser. Change the language and it all tastes good--Right? The SEC has been charged with the task of demanding every major corporation in the US with submitting all records and activity which could affect global warming. This includes any possible lawsuits from the "Enviro-Weenies" and all possible future moves which could harm the enviroment. Chuckie Schummer has his bill ready for submission to make sure that the unions have first say in all campaign contributions--including a tax on all buisnesses for support of "Demoncat" campaign finance. The Supreme Court is about to follow a "Progressive" lead and prohibit gun ownership in the US in a backdoor fashion__Mark My Words! The Congressional Black Caucus has an agenda for under the table reparations which will curl your hair Every major Dem. inner city and failed state has a piece of this pie before Nov. Count on it! The EPA and tht Dept. of Commerce are ready for an all out attack on US production facilities. The FDA is prepared for a move on dietary supplementnts with the backing of Sen. McCain's new bill. All herbs and homeopathic medicine--all vitamins--anything that may be used to help you that "Big Pharma" hasn't got it's hands on already will be taxed and regulated. McCAIN HAS TO GO!!! The FCC is ready to impose a major restriction on internet and talk radio outlets in the name of "diversity" and "fairness". The CIA will be restricted and prosecuted for doing it's duty in interrogations of "TERRORISTS". Your IRA's are about to be attacked in a sly fashion which will take half of your retirement holdings. Most or all of property in the whole nation will soon be in "public"--OBAMA--FANNIE__FREDDIE__Fed. Res. hands. More; much more; of state and private land will soon be appropriated by federal parks and land grants.--This according to the Whitehouse sources themselves. Schools will soon be under more direct control of the executive branch. This is only a taste of the Fascism you are about to feel. Watch your back!

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