Friday, March 12, 2010

Your National Failure Assured-By God

The Chosen One's Spiritual Advisor--the much ballyhooed Reverand Wallace has told Christians across America to stop watching Glenn Beck. George Soros has declared Beck a danger to America. Barack the Great has begun the construction of a new Statist religion. Philosophers of note on NPR have said that the Left--including agnostics and athiests need the dogma and ritual that so often attracts the mases to traditional religion. Mr Wallace apparently has filled a void in the Presidential "heart and soul?". Poor Barack has been lost without his regular diet of American hatred and racist ranting he received weekly from Rev. Wright. He just can't bring himself to enter a Church anymore. So he has his own. A devout follower of Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, and Che; He is the new leader of the faithful in the hallowed halls of Washington. As you will soon discover, your New Religious Dealers have taken on the mantle of prophecy for themselves. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama will lead the way for us into the new era of "Social and Economic Justice". Rev. Wallace has named his church this. Your faith in Jesus as Savior is just passe' in the new world order. Our glorious leader has set down the path we must follow to real glory. With the power of life and death for all Americans soon to be delivered into the hands of The ONE Obama in the new health plan, your future will be set in stone and your decions made for you. Your children belong to HIM alone. The unborn only see life at HIS behest. The day of your passing is set by those that HE has chosen to decide your fate--not by your fallen God or his Son. If you deny global warming, union rights to decide who works and who does not, or may He forbid--the rights of all to universal healthcare--SURELY damnation awaits you!

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