Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's The Constitution Stupid!

So much corruption--so much fraud--so many threats to make and so little time. Laws are for the stupid masses not us! That useful idiot Kusinich must be tripping again in UFO heaven. He knows his ass is grass if he don't cave now. He could fall out a window you know! Don't he know who he's messing with. We are real Communists, not some lib pipe dream. Give them damned congressmen in Calif. some water at last. I told you we could use that moonbat sardine scheme as capital someday. Damn man what were you thinking? Hawaii don't have earthquakes! Your old homies out there get the tax breaks and free Medicaid because it's a way to start reparations for the tribes and that way we can start getting ours--remember that! You looked as spaced as that old Jew Schumer when he got caught on tape telling the Progressives that we are going to rewrite the Constitutional rules in the Senate every two years. Soros and the Center for American Progress are really pissed that we are showing are hand too soon. You better stay in town for a while more now boy. You still got plenty of work to do, and your face better be on that screen every day. If these damed fools in congress go home we lost our chance. Pelosi can only whip 'em in line for so long ya' know. Better give those rednecks in PA, OH and WV a sweet deal from the EPA and your buds in the Enviro croud can lay off 'em for a while. That will buy two more votes. That was a sweet trick I pulled off with Chuckie and the Power Commission in NY last night wasn't it! Beck did'nt know what hit him.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've seen your avatar all over the place Scott. Glad to see where it came from finally. Give Chucky hell every chance you get.

I'll be your newest follower (thanks for the same), and I will be glad to list you on my sidebar of shame. Oh, not my shame ... you will be ashamed to be there.

Carpenter huh, look around my blog and you'll see a link to my woodwork.