Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Opens New Front In His War On America

No sooner had the Nov. 2nd elections passed, than it soon became evident that forces were being mustered for a new attack on our national sovereignty. In the face of Chinese and Russian development of new modern missle systems and delivery systems (see above and in following posts) Obama is forcing the US into a unilateral disarmament START treaty with Russia. This treaty will cut our nuclear force by 30% and alldelivery systems--for nuclear and non nuclear weapons--by 50%. Defense secretary Gates has just offered a bribe to Republican Senators in the form of 4 billion dollar promise to upgrade and maintain what will be left of our defenses. This should be in the existing defense budge,  but Obama and the Dems. held it out as a bargaining chip for this purpose. This has TOP PRORITY with this regime during the lame duck session of Congress. Weaken us now and it will be impossible for us to respond in kind for any strike from any source. Rebuilding and maintaining our defenses will take decades of work right now if saner Conservative leadership is ever in power again. 

This is part of a new push in Obama's globalist agenda. Coming up tomorrow---Banke Moonbat and the UN push for global taxes on all energy sources and financial transactions. This is supported of course by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Remember that Obama, as Senator once introduced a The Global Poverty Act which would give the UN the power to attach at least one tenth of the US GDP. More to come.....   

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