Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eric Holder's Injustice Dept. Targets YOU!!

This is a Stage One Web Alert! "You are not being paranoid if they are really after you."--Iggy Pop.

This is the woeful tale of Ser Gorges Smythe of the "Unwashed Masses" and the gunslinger Holder. But first let's have some background for this sad story.

Myself, I have no fear whatsoever of Big Brother intrusion into my activities on the web or otherwise. I have reached a point in my life where I would welcome the challenge--AGAIN. I have a somewhat intimate knowledge of surveillance and counter-surveillance. I have been targeted before with both cyber and physical surveillance by certain authorities who (wrongly) thought that I was in possession of certain "sensitive' information. I will say no more on that subject other than to say that I almost broke out the tinfoil hats when the microwave monitoring devices turned my house into a slow cooker and signals were bouncing all over my home security system. The intruders were thwarted in their efforts at intimidation after some time and no small expense on my part. There are those in certain "positions" here locally who still carry a nasty taste in their mouth from that encounter and they now have targeted my home and property with demands for back taxes which I cannot pay. I might possibly lose my home soon. Believe me--If they want you, they will get you one way or another. I do not fear intrusion on my computer system however. A self designed--let us say--double blind security regimen protects my personal information from any intrusion. I know that there are ways to access anyone's IP address but even if you get through to mine you will not find any thing but what I disclose right here. I have nothing to hide, but I disclose nothing either.

What you must realize out there, if we do not employ extrordinary methods to protect your privacy we are all vunerable to Govt. intrusion on our privacy and our civil rights. Certain buzzwords we use all the time on conservative opinion sites will click in to the "MAN" and his search begins. If you access certain sites you are targeted. ANY .gov site access will automatically open up your IP address and puts your whole system at risk! Any Twitter posting, and probably Facebook along with other social networking sites is now recorded in the Library of Congress database. Access to all E-Mails is available to authorities now without warrants. Many of these changes have been made by executive order of The Great Obama himself or by DHS and Justice "for your own protection.

But this is the story of one of my recent followers--http://gorges-smythe.blogspot.com/--You may enter this site at your own risk as his website has been targeted by The Justice Department. I share no information here that he has not disclosed openly already, so I am sure he will not mind me warning all conservatives of possible Leftist attacks. I have already seen what damage can be done by determined spammers and hackers on some sites.

This gentleman does not deserve such treatment however. I have recently visited his site--It could be down now--I am not sure. Ser Smythe is a well spoken man and accomplished writer. He is a historian of note in my book--especially the oral history of our nation. I believe he is a skilled woodsman/husbandsman, woodcrafter, and woodcarver. He was raised near my neck of the woods where my great-great grandparents grew up as well. His crime against our society; as I see it; living too far off the grid. This gentle-man has brought a vision of our past into the light and along with it his view of America from his own unique perspective. His commentary on society is, to me, quite poignent, yet at the same time apolitical. My fiery rhetoric and satire would seem more hurtful to this "Regime" than his life tales. Even though I vet my stories and threaten harm to no one, I am sure to be watched regularly by Media Matters or some equivalent Moonbats eyeball site. From there your or my comments will be directed to the "proper authorities" and "appropriate action taken." Yea' Right! In this modern Leftist world, if you are profiled as a militia member, anti-government type--radical Christian pro-lifer (As Big Sis's own memo states) you are considered an enemy of the state.
I feel all that I can do at this point is to offer moral support and to warn the rest of you that the "Greenshirts" may be at your door next.You remember what happens to those who don't speak out when they come for the other guy don't you! I will be in touch with Ser Smythe soon in a hopefully secure mode.


Gorges Smythe said...

Hey, Scott, ya think ya can fit all that on my tombstone?

scott said...

How about--"He came, He saw, He lived well and spoke. Some listened!

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, if you delete "lived well and", and then change "some" to "a few," you might have it!

Actually, I AM getting ready to buy my tombstone and hope to set it myself (no joke). I want to be ready when Obamacare lets me die from an infected hangnail (joke (maybe)).

scott said...

Living "well" is a relative term to me as an "economically disadvantaged" man myself. I am not a poor man though. What I really mean is walking In "HIS" steps and living in the light. And you may not know what long term influence you may have in this convoluted world. I am still trying to understand the words of men who lived years ago--even my own Grandfather.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Bring it on!