Friday, November 19, 2010

Jay Rockefeller Is Infested

Sen. Rockefeller, Democrat Socialist-WV has a bug up his butt. Or maybe one in his ear of the Crabus-Sorosus variety. His little bug is telling him that the FCC should shut down FOX and MSNBC. He says that it would improve political discourse and raise the public's opinion of government. Soros has spent millions to shut down FOX and Glenn Beck. Rockefeller is just another tool of the Soros machine and thr radical left. Old Jay is becoming as irrelevant as MSNBC itself. I think he should visit Janet Nepolitano for a full body scan and cavity search; then get a full delousing; take his fortune that he inherited from his globalist, war profiteering father and fly back to the hills. Remember that he once said that the internet should never have been invented.

Here is a sidenote for your reference. Jay's wife is CEO of the Washington DC NPR affilliateWETA.

Perhaps we should turn over all news broadcasting to Mrs. Rockefeller, Theresa Heinz, and Ariana Huffington. It could be broadcast on the All Oprah All The Time Channel with the cast of the View in charge. Now that's real entertainment huh folks?

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