Friday, February 10, 2012

Sign of the Times: The Haters Blog Award

The cool nice blogger kids get theirs... I figured we who were raised by wolves and are a little rough around the edges deserved one of our own.

I don't give a fuck how many followers you have, and you can post it in your sidebar or some other place of dishonor or do with it as you wish.

I created and awarded this coveted medallion to those of you who do one or more of the following:

-would willingly gut a fool like a carp.
-string multiple curse words together in a glorious fashion.
-could incite Mother Teresa to turn tricks with your writing skills.
-post mostly original content.
-use a blogger template layout with dark, threatening images and a background that is always mostly all black because it is intimidating and shows you mean business and are not to be trifled with.
-don't post cat pictures.
-dig guns but don't act like an asshole about it.
-exhibit a warped, demented sense of humor.
-make me think I'd like to drink beer and shoot the shit with you.

Feel free to pass it on to anyone you please.

You don't have to link to anybody.

You don't have to give a fuck.

In fact, not giving a fuck is of paramount importance...

There are no rules, except for the rule that there are no rules.

I will get around to passing out more awards later, but right now I need to take a nap and then go to work.

Congrats to those who have already been honored.

You are in rarefied air, my friends.

Huzzah and shit...

A big tip of the hat to walter zoomie's world

And my condolences to Odie, but mine is bigger and meaner than yours...Yo' still the man dude!

And finally...a little side note for those of you who may see me on Facebook from time to time. I may be changing my format somewhat in the near future. Expect even BIGGER and MEANER things to pop their ugly heads up from tome to time.

Recently, I took a sabbatical from my site to concentrate more on my REAL job. Things have gotten back to a somewhat normal schedule for me now as my sales and delivery season has settled down somewhat.

But, in my absence, Facebook took it upon themselves to bestow upon me "THE SPAMMY AWARD". Yes folks, your beloved host of The Scottcarp Dream and The Warrior Bard was declared by Facebook Networked Blogs to have been posting "ABUSIVE" material! I was denied access to the networking site and my posts were no longer being posted to Facebook. These are "UNFAIR" and "UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS" I cried

Well, I was flabbergasted to say the least. MEEE; Little old blogmeister MEEE; being accused of such behavior---CERTAINLY NOT!

Upon further investigation I discovered what is, or what I believe to be the  INSULTING AND DEGRADING MATERIAL in question.

This simple man of extremely discerning taste will now give you the link to what has caused such an uproar in his short absence.
My site has subsequently been reinstated to the ranks of "ACCEPTABLE ONLINE JOURNALISTS" by Facebook....I COULD GIVE  A GOOD RUSTY FUCK!

Well, here goes nuttin' folks....Have a great time out there and expect even more of the same from me, and sometimes I BITE!

The link to this award winning material is

And, watch what you post on Facebook...


Walter Zoomie said...

Scott....dude! Your graphics are eye-popping! Did you make some of them yourself? I can tell you stole a few... ;)

Hell...I steal most of mine and then alter them a little.

Anyhoo...I don't have time right now to peruse your sites in-depth, but go ahead and hang a "hater blog" shingle if you want.

I can tell you qualify after a quick skimming.

Thanks for the kudos as well.

Scott said...

Mas Vidas sir to a true master...I do some alteration to the material I "confiscate" but always with accredidation. Git er done out there on the left coast and check Odie (woodsterman) out. I feel you will find much in common with the gentleman.

Walter Zoomie said...

Indiana is NOT the "left coast."
Please reconsider.

Scott said...

My mistake, I saw a visitor from CA on my register and I mistook it for you...I must check your profile sometime, but such things mean little to me. As you and I say, or I do at least, I can read a person by a very simple review or by the imagry he uses. Sorry sir, my bad...Idiana huh...What Rep. candidate did you give us...OH THAT'S RIGHT. It was Mitch Daniels, or John Davis wasn't it? Excuse my sardonic wit, but I just can't help myself, even with a new friend...I hope!

Scott said...

Bty, Walter, check out the edited version of this post...Some character insight into my twisted mind if you will.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh Scotty, You be the man. I, in all honesty, just plain over looked my buddy. I went at it too quickly and didn't think. I would have broken the rules and given 10 instead of just 5.

I love this place!

Scott said...

I am and shall always be, a most loyal and devoted fan. Your spirit and heart have reached many Ser Odie. Keep on keepin' on!