Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Call For A Rebel Yell

I think there is something about shotguns in this video...just for fun...

While we are on the subject, here is some wisdom from Ted Nugent...

"So long as any prospective or elected public official has not made his
money illegally, no person’s financial status is any of my business or

There is no law mandating release of tax returns. What we do know is that he took no salary when he was governor of Massachusetts or when he saved the Winter Olympic games. He and his wife probably have donated millions of dollars to charity. Good for them.

It would be fascinating to know if Mitt Romney is elected president, would accept a salary or not.

Americans should want a successful person to be president. We should
want someone who understands how the free market truly works. We should
reward and praise success, not try to find ways to condemn it or cast
aspersions on successful people.

It would be refreshing to hear every candidate state: “I made my money legally. How much money I
made, have and donate is none of your business. What I can tell you is
that if elected president, I will do the job for free. I also will work
my hardest to ensure that any barriers that prohibit you from achieving
your dreams will be terminated with extreme prejudice on my first day in

Let’s make sure we don’t condemn success but, instead, praise it. Let’s
focus on things that matter most, not whether a candidate releases his
tax return.

Successful people create jobs and grow the economy, not life-long
Fedzillacrats and community organizers. Weld that into your frontal

Ted Nugent

More from Ted...
For those unfamiliar, Ted Nugent doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions on myriad controversial political topics — from gun-rights to homosexuality, from religion to the military.

The veteran rocker recently said at a Republican event that, ”The whole world sucks, but America still sucks less.” He followed up the assertion by clarifying, “But with this administration, we are catching up,”

The Detroit native caught up with Mike Broomhead’s team at KFYI-AM in Phoenix for yet another bombshell of an interview. We warn, the following clip contains graphic language. Still, many will find Nugent’s trademark no holds barred attitude on politics a refreshing change of pace.

Among his more piquant revelations, Nugent believes that having Tim Geithner seve as Secretary of The Treasury, bearing in mind Geithner’s “tax cheating,“ is like having Jeffrey Dahmer ”in charge of a children’s playground.”

He also said that “welfare is slavery” and that we have “American hating maniacs” in our government.

Nugent is also no fan of the current GOP field, suggesting in fairly crude lingo that Republican presidential candidates are lacking in the testosterone department...Listen to Ted Nugent on The Blaze

H/T to Ron Russell


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm glad he's on our side.

Scott said...

Gotta watch out for us old crazy rock-n-rollers. A mighty dangerous bunch of us out here!