Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Mooch Year

I think Mooch has been feeling neglected lately.

Her monthly vacation is almost over and DC is soooo gloomy in January, so I thought I would devote some time...and LOTS of space to her today. Buck up MO...BO and you only have a few months of that lousy executive position left. Them ugly, ungrateful Americans will no longer be your concern.

You can then begin to cash in on all those endorsement contracts, like all the other real black stars do.

You have all those lovely magazine covers out there already. Now they will start paying off!

I'll bet there is even a major sports contract waiting out there for a renowned fitness buff such as yourself.

The sci-fi and reality TV industry is on the rebound and many roles are made just for your character.

So start thinking REAL GREEN dearie, HIS time has passed with the quickness, just like Bill Clinton's did.

Now it's your turn to shine!

H/T to BigFurHat

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