Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Job Creation vs. "Dream Job" Creation

Rick Santorum was quoted last week saying that government is the petri dish where the atmosphere for job creation is nurtured. I say that in the case of the Obama regime, it is poisoned.

On Distinguishing Job Creation Plan:

"I was just visiting Fremont County where they just lost hundreds of jobs from a ConAgra plant. Instances like that are why Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds held a manufacturing forum in Pella, because the heartland of America is suffering. During my lifetime we've gone from 21% of people employed in manufacturing down to 9% today. Small town America is hurting. We need a plan to revitalize manufacturing, which is why I have called for the elimination of the corporate tax on manufacturers, repealing the bevy of regulations of the Obama Administration, and lower energy costs... I will not give you a jobs number, because government doesn't create jobs. I don't believe you can have a top down mentality. You create the petri dish and I don't need a government bean counter to tell me how many jobs we're going to create."


These are the REAL labor force statistics from the US population survey database available for download HERE

Courtesy of Mark Levin...Hear Mark's full take on these latest unemployment figures HERE.

BTW, my new job is a real killer! I have created a position for myself. This IS job creation writ large. I have expanded my duties, and subsequently , my pay scale. YOU and I do this for ourselves in the real world. No one is out there feeling "compassionate" and giving away jobs. The only handouts available always come with a price.


Thousands of Americans are about to lose the part time, temporary Christmas jobs they picked up just to make ends meet. Our unemployment rosters are bursting at the seams. Out on the endless campaign trail, Barack Obama keeps making a big noise about his "jobs" plan, a pig-in-a-poke proposal full of crony pay back yet few if any actual jobs. But Obama REFUSES to do the one thing that could instantly revive the economies of multiple states and make the cost of gas, plastics and petroleum-based products cheaper for all Americans.

All Barack Obama needs to do is APPROVE THE KEYSTONE OIL PROJECT.
dapac_keystonelazyobamaAMERICA IS WAITING
AND YES, EVEN THE CHINESE ARE WAITING – Because if Obama does not stop pandering to extreme environmentalists and act in the national interest soon, the Canadian government has announced that they will abandon the pipeline project and sell their oil to the Chinese instead of to America!

The Keystone Pipeline project offers America
  • 85,000 jobs
  • $71 billion in wages
  • Cheaper gas and
  • Reduces our dependence on terror oil
But Barack Obama wants to give that oil and its benefits to the Chinese.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

A socialist will never understand about job creation.

Scooney Adrift said...

The big "O" is selling us all down the river! I'm counting the days until he is voted out of office.
Good post.

Scott said...

Thx Scooney...My posts may be intermittent for the near future, but I will try to make them of increasing relevance.

Scott said...

Job creation is the greatest misnomer used today. Everyone deserves a job---BS!