Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jim Quinn Retires This Week

An old friend from my neck of the woods in Washington County PA is retiring this week. Jim Quinn is leaving WPGB 104.7 Pittsburgh for a career in private enterprise. I grew up listening to Jim in the 60's and 70's on 13Q AM and KQV Pittsburgh. He was a wild eyed Harley riding radio jock then. He has long since morphed into a respected and extremely controversial talk show host.
     With Rose Tennant (seen above in Washington,  PA) and guest host on The Sean Hannity Show as his co-host on "America's Morning show", they have risen to the top--#1 rated morning show and talk station in their market, and prominence nationwide on XM. Jim is a staunch supporter of the military. He and Rose support many worthwhile veterans causes. Rose--(a devout Catholic) and Jim have been at work advocating traditional marriage and the pro-life movement for years.
     Jim is well known for his outspoken views on Wahhabist Islam and his disdain for it. You can visit their website at You will find many worthwhile articles and causes there as well as Jim's well known "BS Detector" and 'Exploding Palestinian" key chains. I am not selling anything here, but these are the cool stuff. There is also some very good Christmas music to sample from "The Interior Castle" as well.
     I posted "Quinn's Rules and Guidebook" two years ago and can still be found on The Scottcarp Dream. I will be reposting them soon. He has been an inspiration to me and my writing for a long time. Jim Quinn will be sorely missed on the airwaves by me and many others (and his departure cheered by many a "Barking Moonbat")--Jim quoted the phrase first!
     Good luck to you Jim old man in all your endeavours; I hope to see you driving that gas guzzling Vette of yours around same as always.

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