Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's Play Ball With Them!

     The latest news from the Middle East---- The Wall St. Journal reports that NBA players are getting big oil bucks for playing in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and other Islamic states. The crowds of opposing Shite and Shia factions were getting so violent in Beirut that technical fouls were imposed on THEM and they could not return to the game the following week!
     Last week Glenn Beck drew heat from Soros and Media Matters for claiming that at least 10% of Mooslems were Jihadi terrorists. He didn't say that of course; but polls worldwide find the numbers of followers that support attacks on Americans at home and abroad is between 30% and 70% depending on the region.
     Our ambassador to Britain was spotted recently at the home of radical islam in England; the East London Mosque;  "schmoosing" up to known Jihadi radicals. He invited some of the 'yutes' present to visit the United States, even though many were on the terrorist watchlist. When asked about the visit, the US Embassy said, "it was all part of Obama's "Outreach to Muslims" program and quite alright with them."
     "Ambassador Sussman was visiting Mosques all over Britain."
      Anwar Al Alaki Of Fort Hood fame visited there just last year and told the Muslims there not to cooperate with terrorism investigations.

   Well, I see that things are just fine and dandy with our Islamic foreign relations---Oh, I forgot about that recent bombing plot in Baltimore. Well, gee, I guess that we can take one on the chin once in a while if our Glorious Leader can.      

It's only a game---right?