Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gay Military Partners About To Receive More Benefits Than Heterosexual Partners

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On September 21, 2011, the Obama administration stepped up their program to undermine the strength and cohesion of the US military by allowing homosexuals to openly serve. A number of conservative military personnel opted to leave the military because of the action, some of them giving up their military retirement.

The Obama administration has also been trying to change the military retirement to make if far less attractive for anyone to devote twenty years of their life to the defense on our nation. They’ve also declared war on Christianity in the military with orders to remove Christian symbols and forcing chaplains to go against their faith and perform same sex wedding ceremonies.

Now it seems that gay military personnel may be receiving some benefits that heterosexual personnel will not receive. According to unnamed officials, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta plans to extend benefits to the homosexual partners of military personnel before leaving his position in the very near future. The benefits would include access to military bases, the commissary, health and welfare benefits. To receive the benefits, the military partner would have to sign a document stating that the person is their partner.

The action is a concern to many, especially at a time when Panetta is talking about a 22% budget cut. Additionally, the same benefits will not be extended to the unmarried partners of heterosexual military personnel, only homosexual partners, and some believe this is discriminatory.

One of those concerned is former Navy Chaplain, Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt, founder of The Pray in Jesus Name Project. When he learned of Panetta’s plans, he told OneNewsNow:
“This is now discrimination against heterosexuals, because when I was dating my girlfriend — even when she was engaged to be married to me — she was not allowed to enter the commissary or even get on the military base until we were legally married.”
“When [Panetta] talks about sequester and cutting the Pentagon budget by 22 percent, apparently those cuts don’t apply to homosexuals, because they’re getting bonus pay and more benefits when all the rest of our troops are getting less benefits, less armor, less weapons and less ability to fight wars.”
This is just one of many examples of how our socialist president has been weakening America’s defenses and setting the country up for a takeover by his socialist or Islamic buddies. It’s also an example of how homosexuals are not after equality, but superiority. They don’t want equal rights they want privileged rights and won’t stop until they have everything and we have nothing and thus the America of values and morals continues to erode away to make room for Sodom and Gomorrah...Via ACGR



Gorges Smythe said...

Something to think about - I hesitate to link to your blog due to the fact that you bury your current post four items down. Some folks will either be offended by one of the "leaders" and not read any further OR will simply assume they got the wrong article and will close the link.

Scott Way said...

OK Gorges...I see your point.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Anything can happen when a metrosexual is the Commander in Chief.