Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Have Carbon Taxes For The People!


Yup, that sounds like a real plan doesn't it. And let's let Obama run it. We will move FORWARD into a Brave New Global Future! 

Some Climate Change protesters showed up in DC last week.

Hooo Humm...

However it may get serious this spring...
Canadian Financial Post editor Terence Corcoran recently suggested that President Barack Obama may be preparing a deal to approve the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast in exchange for a carbon tax.

“I see new taxes coming in the United States, including an energy or carbon tax, to try to cover the deficits,” said Corcoran. “The new energy tax would serve as partial cover for President Obama's approval of the Keystone XL pipeline."


According to one former member of the White House Climate Change Task Force under President Clinton, President Obama may have plans to implement a carbon tax as soon as the fiscal cliff negotiations are settled.

Forget the fact that Obama and his minions have repeatedly protested that they won’t press for a carbon tax, Paul Bledsoe writes: 
… the economic advantages of a carbon tax are so manifest that it is still possible, once the fiscal cliff negotiations are finished and talks turn to a truly transformative tax reform deal, that leaders in Congress will begin to reconsider it, especially it if is marketed on economic grounds.

Here’s the downside, as explained by Kenneth Green:
There would be virtually no environmental benefits to unilateral greenhouse gas emission reductions by developed countries (whose GHG levels are already flat and slowly declining), while developing countries are pouring out virtually every kind of pollutant with joyous abandon… A carbon tax would also have limited impact: If $4-per-gallon gas won't reduce consumer demand, how is adding another 10 cents, 50 cents, or dollar going to do so? … High energy costs reduce economic productivity and are passed along to consumers in everything they buy, from medical treatments to food and clothing… Most analysis shows that energy taxes are highly regressive… Energy taxes also make countries less competitive when it comes to exports.
Just ask the Aussies how they feel about Carbon taxes after being subject to them for a few years!

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