Monday, October 28, 2013

NY To Go The FULL COMMIE Ticket: Your Next Despot In The White House?

A new mailer sent on behalf of mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio appears to strike a revolutionary note.

The mailer, courtesy of the Communications Workers of America, Local 1, features the image of a stoic and red-tinged Mr. de Blasio super-imposed on an iconic star-burst design.

“Bill stood with us to: … Demand the rich pay their fair share in taxes, so we can have good schools, health care and other vital public services,” it reads.

While the imagery, which one observer described as “socialist realism,” is free of hammers and sickles, it nonetheless reminded some of the communist and socialist propaganda of the 1960s.

“The mailer looks like the second coming of Mao,” quipped one political observer. “The proletariat would be proud.”

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NYC Mayoral Candidate De Blasio supported suppressing internal dissent, clamping down on a free press, antisemitism and persecuting the church and labor unions
Bill de Blasio stands by his fervent support for the Sandinistas. The New York Times did a long piece on de Blasio's communism-activism. De Blasio said today he could not celebrate Columbus day, as "there are some troubling things in his history.” Funny, the same can be said of "Bill AKA Warren de Blasio AKA Wilhelm AKA Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm AKA Bill de Blasio.
"I don’t know how I feel about that, as an Italian-American.” That was after he was a German-American.

Reagan Radio Address to the Nation on Central America (thanks to Cliff Kincaid)
February 16, 1985...Nowhere do we see this more than in Nicaragua, whose Sandinista government is a Marxist-Leninist clique that broke the hearts of the freedom-loving people of their country by imposing a brutal dictatorship soon after taking control in 1979. Functioning as a satellite of the Soviet Union and Cuba, they moved quickly to suppress internal dissent, clamp down on a free press, persecute the church and labor unions, and betray their pledge to hold free elections. Now they're exporting drugs to poison our youth and linking up with the terrorists of Iran, Libya, the Red Brigades, and the PLO. The Sandinistas aren't democrats, but Communists; not lovers of freedom, but of power; not builders of a peaceful nation, but creators of a fortress Nicaragua that intends to export communism beyond its borders.

Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was known as Bill Wilhelm during his days at New York University, where he majored in Metropolitan Studies. Bill de Blasio has had a number of aliases and name changes. The de Blasio campaign declines to answer reporters' questions about his many name changes.
It was when de Blasio (nee Wilhelm) worked for the worst mayor this city ever head, David Dinkins, he began calling himself Bill de Blasio. If Dinkins is any indication of what we can come to expect, there will be a mass exodus out of this great city...


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