Saturday, October 19, 2013

You Are Now Entering A "No Joking Zone"

I guess flying is a thing of the past for me. According to the TSA, ‘”inappropriate remarks or jokes” are now illegal.

Yes, you can be arrested for making a joke with a TSA employee in an airport. Gone are the days of snapping a quick one liner at an awkward situation. 

Sayonara to making light of something obviously uncomfortable. This may prove to be unattainable for me and many other Americans quite fond of proving our intelligence and good humor with the evil and dreaded gift from God called …sarcasm.

I don’t fly often and I did notice a little seriousness the last time I flew. I chalked it up to my particular TSA agent not being a very funny individual, but now it’s proven to actually be TSA policy.

No more funny business. Joking is absolutely inappropriate. This is serious business going through our personal belongings and copping a feel now and then.

Funny people should basically show up with their carry on full of KY because its not gonna end well for those of us fond of a little snarky humor...(snip)

I still believe a little wise-cracking goes a long ways to lighten a day. Laughing at life is kind of part of it if you ask me.

Well, I guess the TSA and our benevolent government disagree with that. I better drive wherever I go or I could be serving some hard time for being just a little too inappropriate.

It’s a serious job annoying people all day long in the airport, absolutely nothing to make fun of.

If we are going to arrest people for “inappropriate remarks or jokes” I’m doomed. Might as well turn myself in.


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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Just as well. The libs want it all for themselves. Once they ruin it for the rest of us we'll get it for pennies on the dollar. Just look at Detroit.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The "Security Notice" ... Did you make it or find it. I know of a site where you can make these for yourself. It's all free.

Scott Way said...

The FED and the Chinese will open up the gates one day and have a huge yard sale Odie...I found that notice. You can post that site on my FB page if you wish...Thx.