Friday, May 16, 2014

The Democrats’ War on Money in Politics is Complete BS

Contrary to what you’ll see in the media over and over this campaign cycle, the top ten donors gave much more money to liberal campaigns than to those on the right, up to this point in the 2014 midterm election. The Democrats have made it known very clearly that their campaign tactic will be to target the Koch Brothers in order to make themselves appear to be the plucky do-gooders facing overwhelming odds.  They’d especially like you to think the big evil corporate interests are overriding democracy with their money...LJ Review

These graphs constructed with information from paint a different picture altogether.

The top ten donors so far for the 2014 cycle include the city of New York, the Democrat Governor’s Association, and the National Education Association, and a handful of unions – all of which gave overwhelmingly to Democrat candidates, and towards liberal outside spending groups. [see calculations here]
If anyone should be whining and moaning about being at a disadvantage from big time donors, it’s conservatives. Here’s a graph of both kinds of contributions put together. 
Liberals carry an 18 to 1 advantage: BTW...Unions fill the top ten and the Koch brothers come in at #59 
1  Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer$11,230,592$118,800100%0%$11,111,792
2  City of New York, NY$9,070,152$139,56489%11%$8,930,588
3  Democratic Governors Assn$7,718,842$00%0%$7,718,842
4  National Education Assn$7,024,087$723,33787%13%$6,300,750
5  National Assn of Realtors$5,103,115$1,603,11547%53%$3,500,000
6  Carpenters & Joiners Union$5,084,717$1,236,75080%20%$3,847,967
7  American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees$3,564,375$1,333,125100%0%$2,231,250
8  AFL-CIO$2,578,400$203,20081%19%$2,375,200
9  Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers$2,134,055$1,633,05597%3%$501,000
10  Comcast Corp$2,022,945$2,022,44554%46%$500
Complete list HERE

The Koch brothers are headed to the big screen — and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are coming along for the ride.


The two congressional Democratic leaders will appear at a screening in the Capitol of “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” — a documentary that Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) participated in. Both Reid and Minority Leader Pelosi (D-Calif.) will participate in a question and answer session as well.

Read more: Politico

You won’t be surprised to learn Harry Reid is featured in the film.

Harry Reid's Koch Brother's Dementia...Rush Linbaugh


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