Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fascism Fits All

Call it what you will, the steady jackbooted march to Fascism we have seen in the power grab of the executive branch has kicked into a quick step under Obummer. Oil, gas and all of the energy sector are the next target in the sights of the leftists. As BP slowly submits to the heavy hand of the "Obama Zombies"--(good book)--so will fall the electrical grid, mining sector, water and natural gas sectors under the massive land grab under way by this whitehouse and the polit bureau/EPA and Dept. of Energy, Environment--et al. I can only wait to see if the Dept. of Agriculture gets into the act next and begins to snatch up more of the vulnerable food production industry. The Dept. of Transportation has it's thumb on the trucking sector even now as private truckers are forced out by overbearing regulation and CAFE standards. The list goes on and on as one formerly private interest after another falls either to our own powergrubbers or just as often to affiliated foreign interests--(see Glenn Beck on the move of oil rigs into Brazil and the hands of Soros####OH NO that name again!).

I am reminded just now of a story I heard from an oil industry insider and her recent visit to the whitehouse. As she entered and saw the walls lined with pictures of Barack The One, she was already intimidated. She showed up in time for a luncheon and working session with the man himself. She waited for a while at table and nibbled on a roll already in sight. Barack strutted in and sat at the head of the table across from her. Soon, a waiter entered, snatched the roll out of her hand ans slapped down a bowl of soup. Our guest looked at Barack quizzically and Obama just grinned. Soon came the waiter again and took her soup away almost untouched. Flustered just a bit she began to ask about this intrusion. Obama told her quickly that the man was always hungry and had many mouths to feed at home. Oh well, she thought it must be alright. Her lunch was just as hurried and between bites of shrimp, Barack just mouthed one of his longwinded speeches about the benefits of communal efforts to our society and the victimization of the oppressed. Soon she called for her driver only to find that her car had been confined with "security". She now called home for a ride, and her house was overrun with illegal aliens. She shot the Great One a glance and he said that some of his fmily was homeless and she had SO much room. The poor woman was so stunned that she couldn't even utter a word. She just got up and called he office to come and get her immediatly. And now came the word that her buisness was being taken over by government officials and investigations had revealed that she must turn over all control of her company immediately. She gazed blankly across the table and Obama let out a huge laugh. He reminded her that this man came from an oppressed group and they all needed jobs at her factories immediately. As our poor fool got up to leave, our dear leader left her with these final words--You should have stopped us at the roll.


commoncents said...

Well said! I love your blog!!

Common Cents

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sing along with me ... "Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you if you vote fool-ish-ly ..."

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