Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Horse Sense

Here we see the latest photo taken at the famous Mustang Ranch-----??? Ooops. Oh well, let's keep this family friendly. I wish to draw your attention to some more government ineptitude, as if we don't see enough every day. The bureau of Land Management has begun the annual stepped up wild horse roundup this month. As is par for the course today, "The Regime" has promised total transparency to the public in this program, yet journalists are not permitted on the lands as the roundup proceeds. An emergency was proclaimed and it was deemed necessary to move these horses within three days or many would die of thirst, yet plenty of water is to be found for the cattle on these government lands. The govt. can't run a horse ranch. They couldn't even run the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel after foreclosing on it for back taxes. They drove it into bankruptcy. NY state can't run an off track betting buisness without losing money. But I digress. The real scheme behind this horse transfer is to placate the cattle industry and proceed apace with Obummer's plan to take over more land in the name of wilderness protection. Behind this veiled plot you will find the dirty fingers of T. Boone Pickens--new BO co-conspirator--Nancy Pelosi--T. Boone investor-- Bill and Hillary Clinton--and the natural gas industry lobby which is pushing gas pipelands through the west add even further east. The director of the BLM is requesting an additional 95 Million to move horses onto better grazing land further east. And as they move more and more land will be confiscated by The Annointed One. And I thought that the Republicans were the party of big buisness cronyism. As with all of the BO agenda, the elite and the chosen groups will profit, while "we" Americans lose>more and more.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Hell, the Feds already own 90% of Nevada.