Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dream Machine

Most recently, our Socialist Chauffeur, our driver of debt; Obammer; has turned way too metaphorical in his references to the direction our country is headed, and what would happen if we turn the wheels of power back over to the Republicans. I am always amused when I see those with limited intellect attempt to use mental imaging tools that are way beyond their capacity. So here is the way that I would steer this vehicle of state.
The mechanism of our ship of state is in major need of an overhaul. The plugs are misfiring; The tires are worn and must be replaced with sturdier tread (on me). The windshield has been muddied by hippies and the bums on the corners can't clean it. We need to tell our driver to stop giving them all free rides everywhere. The headlights don't work most of the time and when they do they have this sickening rosy tint to them. The tailights and backup lights don't work at all and our driver never uses the rearview mirrors. All he wants to do is give us a shiny new paint job and bling for wheels. We really can't trust his instincts. He wants us in this fastlane to a place where we---well he won't even say where we are going---just trust him he says. I can't wait till his contract is up, but you know how those union workers are. They think that they are entitled to a job for life. We really need to stick to the old backroads that are well maintained by the farmers and local communities. We need to apply a good undercoating to the frame and give the whole system a good flushing. This car should last another lifetime at least if we start making payments on what we owe on her. We really need to clean that trunk out. We are hauling suff around from all over the world. Get that stupid rap rhetorical crap off that blaring radio and put Rush on. A new electric motor will not do. We need to rebuild this good old V-8 and put some uncapped headers on it. They will hear us coming all the way to Istanbul. We really need to start filling up this tank with good high test "Gulf" gasoline more often. HEY--that idiot driver is headed straight for that bus full of ACORN workers!/////Whew, missed 'em. I'll bet there is another crew of them right around the corner though. We better keep our eyes peeled.


Opus #6 said...

I think 70% of Americans are onto him. And counting.

scott said...

70% of Americans are unrepresented as we speak. 20% moonbat leftists and more in yhe bureauacracy and judiciary rule us.