Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Want My Government House NOW

The Bloodsucker Economy

By Art Hyland

Pictured nearby is a single family house for sale. Although squeezed into a narrow, level lot, nevertheless, its “sustainable design and construction will save thousands in utility costs every year.” It better, because the going market price of this beauty–while it lasts–is over $1,500,000. And it’s only ten short miles from where you work. (that’s miles not minutes however)

Who are you? You are a well-paid employee, among hundreds of thousands who live all around you, who are included in the newly designated HUD category called Bloodsucker. You live and work in Washington D.C., the only area of this nation where the Great Recession has somehow not been heard from.

The United States experienced a real estate bubble burst in 2008, and it hasn’t recovered nor are there signs of recovery in any major metropolitan area of the nation EXCEPT ONE: Washington D.C and surrounding counties. See for yourself what goes for $1,549,000.

The house pictured here has a single garage, perhaps to house your latest hybrid or electric Government Motors or equivalent car, although it doesn’t say it’s been prewired to charge such a vehicle, so you may have to spend an additional $4,500 for that desirable option.

You might wonder why only a single-car garage, but that’s easily explained: the local bureaucratic land use regulators (who are related in spirit to the federal Bloodsucker regulators) are following the federal Agenda 21 guidelines that call for citizens to opt for public transportation rather than the old-school, carbon-based concept of multiple automobiles for dwelling occupants that is now so pre-Obama.

This design is smart, it’s chic, it’s sustainable. And all of those qualities are affordable because this is Washington D.C. where “Total compensation for federal workers, including health care and other benefits, last year [2010] averaged $126,369, compared with $122,697 in 2009, according to Bloomberg News calculations of Commerce Department data in this October 2011 article.

So, houses that cost $1.5 million are not uncommon because with 10-20% down (no problem) and your fellow bureaucrats at Fannie Mae/Federal Reserve creating unlimited money with interest rates at 3%, your monthly payment is just $5000/mo. When you average $122,000 per year, guess what?

You qualify because your monthly income is roughly twice the house payment! Life is good. And, the source of all this income is an entity that can’t go out of business! You are set for life, with a wonderful pension guaranteed as well. Plus, remember, you’ll save thousands each year on energy with this house. There’s just no end to the good news. You can afford a trip to the Bahamas but you’ll opt for a freebie when you attend the latest seminar on affordable housing in Nassau, where you can rub shoulders with the little people who re-fill your Margaritas.

Now, just to be clear: I am not exhibiting class envy here. I like our citizens to make all the money they can. Everyone should be able to succeed, to strive for that “pursuit of happiness” enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and guaranteed with a later one called the Constitution. But these historic goals have become foreign to the DC bureaucratic masses who live in and can afford to buy houses like the example above, because their livelihoods are based upon subverting everything that was enshrined in those old dead white man concepts.

No, I’m not envious of their good fortune, I’m livid. These Bloodsuckers are living the life of Riley while the nation is drifting into financial oblivion. Oh, there are some regular citizens like those in Silicon Valley doing well, and God bless them. I love it. But they aren’t spending my money, so they can, and some do, make billions. Don’t care. Would that we all could do that. But Bloodsuckers, no, they need to be made to pound sand.

This is what November is all about. Taking the power, money and smirk away from Bloodsuckers of any and all government stripes, starting with the Chicago community organizer in chief, the one who just recently came out of the closet (it is rumored), and who we now know personally shot Osama bin Laden while inking the health care law for everyone in order to balance the federal budget as promised only three years ago (but instead added $5 Trillion to the deficit). Yes, that Bloodsucker, along with all his czars, appointees, fellow liberals, communists, socialists and mainstream media enablers.

It’s quite likely the above house may be in foreclosure next summer. Perhaps a future owner, unlike the bureaucrat before him, can garage his Mustang convertible while building an addition to house his SUVs, while working at a bench in the corner of that garage on the successor to the iPad, a small device that will project by hologram a virtual computer. One that will give him news of $1.35 gasoline wars.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'll do my part to end the party.

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

Nothing left to do but "TEA PARTY"!