Monday, December 2, 2013

Attack of the British Devil Cat

What are they feeding this critter? I have raised many cats, and one in particular was a great guard cat...AND RACIST TO BOOT! He would attack any trespasser on my property with a vengeance, particularly those of color. I did not train him that way, but he recognized fear in the eyes of some, and some were targeted because of attempted mistreatment of him.
This animal takes no prisoners however, and apparently does not discriminate...

A pet cat in a British village is accused of attacking residents and pets, putting them in the hospital.

According to The Telegraph, Shiny has been nicknamed "Devil Cat" after police received five calls over the feline's violent behavior.

Locals of the Cornish village of Little Treviscoe say that Shiny chases children, fights dogs and bursts into their homes to claw and scratch them, The Telegraph reported. 

Residents say that they grab hoses and mugs of hot tea when they see Shiny on the street. 

According to The Telegraph, police are powerless because laws designed to combat dangerous dogs do not apply to cats. 

Shiny's owners tell the newspaper that they are trying to stop the cat's antics.  He has been neutered and is going to see an animal psychologist. 

"[My mother] had a large skin tear down the arm, which we had to dress every day for about three weeks, and two big puncture wounds on the back of her leg," Carol Ballsdon said. "It is just four sets of claws and a set of teeth coming at you."

"Twice when I've gone out to get my cat and it has attacked me," Julia Terry said. "I had to throw hot tea over it, it was the only way other than bashing it against the wall to get it off my arm."

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I had a cat that would chase dogs away from my property, and she didn't care how big they were. It was fun to watch.

Scott Way said...

My cat's son "Thunder" was as ornery as his dad Odie. When a neighbor brought his pit bull over to show it to me, I told him not to bring it in the house. He did anyway. After receiving a badly scratched nose and eye, the dog took off. It took a week to find him hiding under a bush a block away.