Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Eco Wars Begin

With the announcement of the EPA's regulatory assault on American prosperity and traditional lifestyle the Government has effectively declared war on its own people. Any activity in which you involve yourself can now be considered a crime punishable by fines or imprisonment--even breathing a known pollutant into space. Commerce, farming, fishing, having children (which as we have been told recently adds tons of CO2 emmissions into the atmosphere) and literally any activity whatsoever can now be regulated into extinction by Carol Browner, Cass Sunstein and The Great BO. This is Eco-Dictatorship and Congressional blackmail. We need a strong response from our leaders on the right immediately. We here in the "rustbelt" of the nation know only too well what the Moonbat enviro-weenies in the EPA are capable of when it comes to destroying an economy. They invoke a deep resentment at the very mention of their oppressive regulations. locally they have a reputation akin to "Revenooers", rapists and white slavers. Indeed, what the global elite in Copenhagen and in this administration have planned for us is in reality indentured servitude. The recently leaked "white papers" from Denmark , along with the blatent statements by the new EU president, Al Gore, and Danish president declare a new Global Government has been arranged--unelected and without even review by the corrupt UN. This Cabal will be managed by a group of world bankers, corporate elite, (think George Soros) the World Bank, and the IMF. More information on this truly evil religion of the leftist powers can be found on EndGame.com/Blueprint for Global Enslavement. Our power companies and farmers are already preparing for the coming communist assault on our liberties. Over 1 Billion in stimulus money has been recently been allocated to several states and corporations to build "Carbon Capture" technologies. This funding will be matched by like amounts or more to be sure to be invested by our utilities nationwide in coal fired plants. The ultimate cost to be passed incrementally on to the consumer of course. This will of course lead to the ultimate take over by the government of our utilities, coal production and oil production and refining that has not already fallen under federal purview. This action has been enacted without any mandate by the president--however those in the know around here know from past bad experience that it is best to be one step ahead of the Reg. Czar at all times. We in OH have just passed a constitutional ammendment establishing our own Farm Oversight Commission. This legislation is a bulwark against the intrusion of restrictive federal wildlife regs. which would drive the cost of meat and all agricultural products through the roof. It may work as a temporary doorstop to the eco-terrorists. Of course the legislation was vehemently opposed by the communist front groups such as the Sierra Club, the Wildlife Foundation, and the American Humane Society. (Not to be confused with the "Humane Society" whis is a legitimate concern) Left to their own ways the Left is working to stop most American fishing, hunting,--even the running of your own dogs in the woods will be restricted. Yes we now have a Great Lakes Czar and his reach has been extended into even lake and farm fisheries. The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is now as close to a group of "Brownshirts" that we could ever imagine. They have the right of home invasion, search, and seizure (of weapons) without search warrants or Habias Corpus restrictions. In a somewhat unrelated note Obama has apparently decided to extend the Green jobs movement into the Federal Prison system. We will soon have prisoners coming around to caulk our windows I am sure. Don't be suprised at anything in the BizarrOworld. Proposals will tax larger homes in the US, large gatherings, all buildings of a certain size, all meat products, all irrigation and plowing-harvesting projects, lumber, all travel; land, air,and sea--the list will go on and on and will tax your very existence. This is under attack as well with the eugenic policies proposed by Science Czar Holdren. Read his book; Eco Science. Child bearing will be restricted and th rearing of the children will be supervised by the state (like it isn't now). This Brave New World will have strong enforcement provisions as well. We will be required to give up economic and national soveriegnty to the world elite. This includes military control. There is a force, which has been in preparation for quite some time, ready to be deployed by global powers just to quell a citizens revolt here in the US. Oh, I know, it can't happen here. Barack will protect us. Yeah right. HE is the first ever President to chair the global council on climate change. Trillions are at stake and corruption will be the rule of the day when this new global carbon derivatives scam jumps into full gear. Normal market forces will no longer apply. The total fall of the industrialized world is their ultimate goal. This will lead to a new agrarian society easily manipulated by Fuedal Lords. The One already has a choice spot picked out for himself and his loyal servants to be sure. Question: Will their own arrogance and openly false claims catch up with them and bring this whole circus to a grinding halt. This could be an ugly trainwreck. Many innocent victims may be hurt in this one. Power like this is extremely addictive and the cold turkey approach could prove deadly to some.

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