Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer

Well, I certainly feel the Hope; how about you? Now we have a real strategy and a real plan that Bush never gave us. It is all Bush's fault again (yawn) his war debt (yawwwn) his falure to get Bin Laden. (Snore). Here is something to really pull us all together and support The Obama strategy. We will send in a few troops in now to help train some 13 yr. old Afghani police officers. We will teach more Afghani citizens to grow tomatoes. Transparency and accountability will be the words for their leaders to live by. We must improve the lifestyle of a 9th century but this is not nation building. We must move in now so we can get out sooner ("hasten the withdrawl") McCrystal didn't really ask Obama for 60-80,000 troops over three months ago. He will get by with a limeted number of "advisors" and the help of our stout NATO allies. These troops will continue to carry out a kinder gentler war with a "kinder-gentler machine gun hand" as Neil Young once said. All rules of engagement will be strictly adhered to and the rights of the detainees upheld at all times as correctness demands of us. We will leave these people much safer and better off when we pull out and leave them to the "moderate" members of the Taliban to take over their governance. We will not throw Pres. Kharzi and his regional followers under the bus. We will continue to offer payolla to Afghanistan and MORE to Pakistan and this will all make Americans much safer. The rising tide of radical Wahabist will be stemmed around the world. We will make sure that they don't get their hands on any nuclear materials. All of our troops will be firmly supported in all ways including economically. Obama will not send them into harms way unnecessarily without a winnable strategy and tactical support.
ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I can't take it any more! All of this sweetness and light makes me want to PUKE! There is no substance to this Incompetant in Chief. He has split the baby in half for base, crass political gains. He will continue to throw our sons and daughters; and those of the poor Afghanis who support us; to the Taliban wolves. These people don't look at this struggle in matters of months or "eighteen month or three year timetables", (why eighteen months?--I wonder if this decision might be political--surely not) but over a span of centuries. If we are to have any chance of survival in their wake, as the Muslim hoards carry on their ancient Jihad and wash over Europe and Asia like a plague of locusts we had better stand up strongly, forcefully, NOW. We have a Beta Dog for a President who has already bowed down and agreed to sacrifice as many Americans and Israelis as is necessary to appease the Saudis and other middle eastern powers that be. These poor young people at West Point were told behind the scenes to respond enthusiastically to this Obamacrap. Insiders tell us that you could see in their eyes that their hearts weren't in it. Can you blame them? GET IN with both feet or crawl out of this war on your belly. We are in for a decades long struggle to come and your gangsta' politics and your insufferable lack of backbone will not serve America well in the coming years Barack! I am mad as hell and we should not be forced to swallow this leftist crap any more when we know lives are at stake. The Marxists in Congress and the Statist Media (see Chris Mathews' latest) are already at work trying to cut the throats of our own military any way they can. OUTRAGE doesn't even describe my feelings. Obama was "born to lose"--not in a political sense (yet)--but to drive us over a cliff like a group of willing lemmings. Failure is inevitable at every turn of the road with this man-child at the wheel. We will be facing the whip of Sharia soon folks and we are just supposed to bend over and take it. All you bad Americans deserve it. More of your chickens are about to arrive home at the roost. Just wait till the show trials start in NY. You see how easy John Gotti got off yesterday for the fourth time didn't you. These NY thugs got nothin' on the Muslim mob. John Bolton is moving his family out of NY. He says it will become unsafe. I don't feel safe anywhere there is a radical Muslim or a Progressive/Marxist thief nextdoor. How about you?

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