Friday, December 4, 2009

Return Of The Flying Imams

Yesterday FOX News reported on an Air Trans flight 297 delay out of Atlanta. The report stated that the flight had to return to the terminal after a passenger refused to get off his cell phone prior to departure. That is not the whole story. I have this update from reliable sources and a passenger on the flight; also corroberated by an unnamed pilot at the airline. As passengers were boarding 13 men in traditional Islamic garb entered the plane and took seats at spaced intervals throughout the plane. Once seated one of the men near the back of the plane made a call to another man in the front and began to talk loudly and aggressively in Arabic. When told that he would have to put the phone down he called the stewardess insulting names and told her to go to hell. At this time another man brought out a DVR player and began showing porno films. (This is a permitted indiscretion to radical Islamists before an act of Jihad) He was told that devices of this sort could not be played while in flight. He then told the stewardess she was a Infidel whore and to shut up and go away. She went to get someone from the flight deck and the men began to get up in mass to get to the cabin. This is when the passenger I mentioned, who works for NASA, got up to block this assault. Another passenger--a Texan--said that he had the other man,s back. Between the two of them they headed the men toward the door bodily. At this time federal air security agents entered the plane and took the Muslim men off as the plane arrived back at the terminal. After a short time 11 of the men were returned to the plane! One of the stewardesses came back to the area in tears. The Texan asked what the h---was going on. He was told that the men had been searched and could continue on the flight. Another man got up, said this is nuts, and he wanted off. The stewardess said he wasn't permitted to leave the plane. This brought other passengers to their feet saying that this plane wasn't going anywhere with them on it. The flight was presumably cancelled at this point and the passengers permitted to deplane. What became of the Islamic agitators remains a mystery as Air Trans remains close-lipped about the incident. At best this seems to be an attempt by CAIR to bait the airline into another lawsuit like the one just settled out of court by several Imams who staged an incident last year to scare passengers and then claim harsh and discriminatory treatment. Islamic radicals are being trained here and abroad by CAIR, the ACLU, The Lawyers Guild and other law firms like the one Eric Holder previously worked for on how to bring charges and avoid imprisonment, embarrass Americans and even sue for damages. This sounds remarkably similar to the charges being brought against the HEROIC Navy Seals being brought to court martial on the 7th--On Pearl Harbor Day. Also similar are the charges by a KSM co-conspirator just yesterday of torture in Guantanamo where he wants all charges to be dropped. At the worst this was another test of our resolve in protecting our aircraft and passengers from more attacks. Here, I believe we came up badly wanting as it seems that it took two courageous passengers to come to the forefront yet one more time. For those of you who continue to deny the threat of an "Enemy Within", or the feeling of empowerment that political correctness, and the obvious weakness and complicit nature of Barack Obama have on these Thugs--Wake up! Your government will not protect you from this threat. Your government does not care about your safety or your needs in ANY way. That is unless it suits their agenda, their template, or manages to aggrandize or enrich themselves in some way.
UPDATE__I have edited some of the text here, but the basic story remains intact after checking my sources. The gentleman who relayed the story has admitted to embellishing on the part of the story where he helped remove the troublemakers. There were no flight security agents on board at the time though and they did board the plane after it arrived back at the gate. The men that returned to the plane kept acting beligerantly and smirking and a small passenger revolt did ensue. The NASA employee has since had his name and address made public for targeting and ridicule by leftist moonbat bloggers. He has said that he doesn't want to become the next "Joe the Plumber". It seems as though he may be facing a Fatwa however.

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