Monday, November 30, 2009

Barack The Blameless

Chairman MAObama has passed the buck again--this time to his own Secret Service. The first thing BO did was to call for an investigation into the Salahi's gate-crashing and of the Secret Service for alleged failure to vet the intruders. They of course apologized and took all the blame. The truth is the Whitehouse social director was to be informed at the time and any blame should be laid at her desk. However, this gets better. Barack the Blameless has disavowed any knowledge or relationship to the Salahis. REALLY? It turns out that a picture of them appears with the couple at a Polo match/event in 2005. It appears on It also has surfaced that Salahi was a board member of the radical anti-semite group American Taskforce For Palestine. All reference to Salahi and Rashid Khalidi has been wiped from the ATFP website but the ties can be linked up on Google Cash. Another photograph has appeared of the Previous board member Salahi with Obama at the time he was a US Senator. Salahi was also friends with good friend of Barack-- ex vice pres of the ATFP Rashid Khalidi. It is claimed that Barack got the radical Khalidi into Chicago University. Did he do the same for alumni Salihi? Every day another Obama lie is exposed and the media and the sycophantic left pay no attention whatsoever. When asked about one of his lies during the campaign a Huffington Post blogger said--"But he does it so well."


Anonymous said...

Oh year Blameless!
Blameless my azz.
Did you know that Obama had met these 2 before? And that the guy is a member of an anti Israeli organization.

Rotti said...

Isn't it just amazing that the Lame Street media stopped suddenly covering this story? Soon as the cat's out of the bag, they'll turn their back on the story.

scott said...

This administration as many in the past--think Carter, and especially Clinton, value loyalty over competance. The good men in the Secret Service will take the heat for this as most military men are trained to do. However Michelle's best friend,the new social director and one of the politically untouchable: one of the Whitehouse "Chicago Gang" will walk on unscathed.