Monday, November 16, 2009

I Wonder Why??

I wonder why Obama has raised the Chinese Communist flag at the White House.

I wonder why BO prostrates himself in front of despots and asian powerbrokers.

I wonder why BO has permitted the Empire State Building to carry the colors of Red China in commemeration of their "glorious revolution" yet refuses to allow the Marine Corps. the same permission on their Anniversary.
Why does Bo show open disrespect for the UK, France, Germany, The Czech Republic, the Poles, and the Georgians while declaring a new detante and new nuke policy negotiations with the Russians?
Why is BO and his admin. so blatently antisemetic, as is Bill Clinton, and why does he do the bidding of an unrepentant Nazi symp.George Soros?

I wonder why China has accumulated 85-90% control of the rare minerals on the globe--much of these crucial to the production of computers and hi tech. Their control of the African continent and it's diamond and gold reserves has reached record proportions as well. Iraqi oil has also been bought up.

Why has GE been given a bailout and been given banking status? They have one S&L in Utah (reqired by law) And the rest of their operations have been centered on China, Russia, and the middle East.

Why has Morgan-Stanley-Chase been permitted to buy up most of the credit card companies in the US. and transfer resources overseas?
Why has Goldman Sacs been permitted to hand out billions in bonuses as their CEO declares that he is doing "Gods work"?
Why do Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now control over 70% of the mortgages in our nation?

Why have hundreds of major corporations, including Haliburton, transfered their corporate headquarters overseas to Turkey, Russia, China and elswhere?

Why has T. Boone Pickens benn permitted to purchase huge rights of way for Green projects--wind power and solar--that will never be used now. (These tracks of land also include the largest water reserves in the southwest along with vast natural gas reserves in which Nancy pelosi has invested.)

Why are China and India dumping dollars all over the world and propping up the Euro just as the Europeans are about to elect their first Euro-President?

Why has Warren Buffet been forced to buy up a failed rail system for 44 Billion? (Burlington Northern)

Why will we continue to be held under a continued national state of emergency--even after this swine flu "crisis" has abated?
Why is Big Pharma suddenly raising drug prices before the passage of the Deathcare bill?
Why are insurance companies investing in hospitals in Costa Rica and other more "democratic" states in the southern hemisphere? And why are US doctors moving there or to Japan in droves. Many that do not move are preparing for early retirement. Why are medical school enrolments way down?

What is the state of our nation's water supply--and what is the radioactive content thereof?

Why has congress instituted unprecedented plans to respond to a national crisis/civil war?

Why are military personel REALLY not permitted to carry weapons, and even off base routinely denied permits? Why are they under a DHS watchlist?

Why has Senator "Leaky" Lehey proposed a bill that will vastly increase the number of Federal Appeals Court Judges appointed for life by Obama?

Why have at least 85 major governmental and collegiate microbiologists been killed in suspicious circumstances or disappeared worldwide?

Why has FEMA stockpiled hundreds of thousands of coffins aat camps throughout the nation and why have they posted ads for experienced "indoctrination' personel?

Why are we spending extra trillions as the dollar has fallen by 15% just this year? BO has raised the debt limit from 11 Tril. to 13 Tril. in just ten months.

Why has India bought 200 tons of gold and the world reserve at the IMF now stands at "0"?
Why has the Federal Govt. put thousands of acres more under the protected list of national historic (now Federal) lands?
Why have eco-moonbat groups suddenly flooded the Federal Regulatory Agency (run by Cass Sunstein) with demands to declare hundreds of species endangered?
Why has the Federal Govt. threatened to take over more state land if bailout money is not paid back or used at their behest?
Why is the Federal Govt. planning to take over all public transportation in the nation--to "regulate it more effectively"?
Why does the Federal Govt. control close to 50% of the private sector economy today when it controlled close to 0 on on Jan. 1st 2009??
Why has the FDIC been declared as the biggest Land Baron in the US today?
Why has NBC decared a new push on the Climate Change agenda and why is Al Gore front and center in spite of loud protests. (Don't believe that they have been stopped in this takeover of more of our freedom. What they can't pass immediately in congress or at the un will be done by fiat through the EPA. BO has said as much).

Why has George Soros said this is the time for a World Govt.?


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Good summary of all that's gone wrong in the past ten months. OMG, it's mighty depressing, isn't it? And remember, our military aren't the only ones on that DHS watch list.

scott said...
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scott said...

I read Sun Tzu; The art of war--and we are at war. Know your enemy and name him.