Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"They Walk Among Us"

From my old neighborhood I hear some disturbing news. The vastly better informed Obama voters up there in Pittsburgh have begun to ask for more than their Obamabucks. They have begun to come out for their Obamadope! Yes that's right; On two different occasions a local pharmacist was called to the desk by his asst. to take care of a "confused" customer. The first woman enters, and asks to fill ten prescriptions. She demands Brand Name drugs as well. When asked how she intends to pay she says to put it on the "Obama Plan". The pharmacist asks "What?" and she says that she just heard that the Obama Plan had passed congress and she wanted her drugs. Only to make matters worse, later on another customer came in with the same request. Word gets around on the streets pretty fast you know! I am sure they are in for a rude awakening when someone tells them that they not only have to wait four years, but will get cheap generics and only half prescriptions at that. Oh, yeah, your co-pay will go way up too! Isn't it great to see the useful idiots our school systems spew out today? SIDEBAR--The NEA and NTA have come out with their recommended reading list for our middle school students. Top of the list is Rules for Radicals; by Saul Alinski. Nothing suprises me any more.

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