Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama Discovers The Solution

Barack's limited mentality is always given a boost in the rarified air of Air Force One. As we have seen, things really start to pop once he boards his main ride and hits the friendlier skies of any other country but this one. As a diversion the FBI was turned loose on a Muslim "nonprofit", its syscraper and mosques with ties to Iran. Anyone in the know has been aware of this Islamic shell game for over a year. I have. This court battle will drag on for years with a muted response in the end. The ACLU is already screaming about freedom of religion--Sharia Law you know must be observed. Khalid Sheik Muhammed and three other Gitmo Guys are to be transferred to NY to face Fed. criminal charges on American soil where they can lawyer up and pack a jury with Muslims and liberal Obama sycophants. Barack speaks in Alaska for the first time. (No suprise here--he usually only preaches to the choir) The teleprompter declares, here and in Japan, that the Commander will be taking his time to make the right decision before making any move on troop deployment. Too bad he doesn't feel the same constraint when it comes to implementing oppressive domestic policy RIGHT NOW, especially with concern to stimulis political payouts to his cronies and support groups. First he must make it appear that he is being strong and leaderlike in the war on terror. But to The Big Decision------------
We must surrender ourselves to Sharia. It will not appear so, but his strategy is one of cut and run. He speaks of comingling the best ideas of all his military advisors. This guy does not accept advice. His ego and ideology won't permit that. He says that any move we make now must include an exit strategy. He speaks to the troops in Alaska in meandering terms of "If" we deploy, and, as in the jobs speech, making the "right" decisions with limited resources. This is liberal double speak for surrender and if we don't realize this we are as dumb as they say we are.
Here is a good and proven strategy for victory in Afghanistan. There has only ever been one victory over the Afghani tribes. This was achieved by Alexander the Great. Most historians dispute this and they are correct for the most part. After a long and bloody campaign, however, Alexander did achieve a victory of sorts. Obama knows this and perhaps he will follow the strategy the greatest military leader of all time, other than Patton who idolized him.
Alexander just declared victory, cut and ran, and gave permission for his men to marry Muslim women.......What do you think guys?....................Yeah, you are right. Maybe not.


Candle said...

He's literally on vacation right now, off with the boyz, away from the wife and kids (whistle). It sure must be nice to be the president, with all the money in his "stash", eating out at 5 guys, picking and choosing which sycophantic "news" organizations he talks to, pursuing his life dream of destroying this country.

scott said...

Why does Eric Holder always get all the fun of making "judicial" decisions while the Big Man is away? Surely Barack the munificent didn't have a hand in this--of course not. This trial will be kicked up to the Haigue soon to prosecute Bush and Cheny--but The Commandant in Chief--his hands are clean.