Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Believe Me!

I was forced to recall these prophetic words spoken by The Chosen One at Martha's Vinyard as he cavorted with the leftist banking elite and Black Nationalists. As he celebrated the holy week of Ramadan His memorable words were; "Muslims bring justice to the world." So I am to presume that his inquisition trial of America, the CIA and the Bush/Cheny administration is the implementation of this justice system on us. In 2007 Bo said on the senate floor that we would put the 911 bombers on trial in a military tribunal. I guess things have changed in the New World at the Whitehouse.
Today we learn from Eric Holder that Obama was not consulted of his decision to bring criminal charges against KSM in NY. He only spoke to his wife and brother concerning this matter of vast global and judicial implications. He just informed the Pres. as he departed for his Asian apology and Treasury Bond sale tour of his intentions. I am sure he is being truthful here, aren't you? This sounds oddly familiar to what happened as Holder dropped charges against The Black Panthers accused of voter intimidation doesn't it? Purely concidental I am sure.
Now this morning I have discovered that Obama was not too busy to apparently make contact with the SEIU midflight to Japan. In Allentown, PA which is to be BO's first stop on his job summit propaganda tour, there was an Eagle Scout who took it upon himself to volunteer to clear a bike path in a local park which connects to the Appalachian Trail. The local SEIU president threw a fit and threatened the city council with grievance charges. He decared that there would be no volunteerism allowed here and that neither a shovel or hoe would be picked up by anyone but a union worker! He even said that he would "look into" this Boy Scout. In a nearby county they faced similar threats and had to appease the local union thugs by making sure there were at least two union men present at all times holding a shovel as volunteers worked. But suddenly on Saturday he suddenly changed his tune. He stated that the SEIU would let this one go this time. It appears that a little arm-twisting through the airwaves made it clear that Barack would not have his photo OP tainted by this controversy upon his return. This extremely depressed mining community in my backyard deserves more than presidential platitudes however.

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