Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Truth Is At The Door

--And Obama refuses delivery! With the exposure of yet another climate scam coverup (The e-mails are linked here on the Ny Slimes and the Post have refused to print them. This, after they openly print the pentagon papers and NSA files which put our troops and agents overseas in obvious danger. All of the Al Gorelioni crime family are circling the wagons now as they perpetuate this globalist fraud on the American people. This is just another leg on the three-legged stool of the Cloward-Piven strategy for the destruction of America. Health Scare--Crap and Tax-- and Immigration Deformity. Sharia Law will come later through regional judicial decisions after demands for "Social Justice." Coca-Cola has launched a corporate counterattack today called "Hopenhagen". This group includes Seimens, SAP, the magazines, 17 and the Huffington Post, and suprisingly even the Wall St. Journal and Clear Channel Communications. There is an estimated 1.5 Trillion at stake here and these corporations and others are hedging all their bets. The Warmingmonger Michael Mann from the Penn St. Council of Environmental Science is at the center of this whistleblower's discovery. He is the author of the debunked "Hockey stick graph" and "Tree ring theory". Now that the Brittish academia has been caught at the center of this fraud there is now a push to sue NASA under freedom of information statutes to uncover further deliberate fudging of the science here at home. However the Moonbat Left pushes on as if the scince and the truth matters not--and to them it does not! This is a religion to them--or should I say, a fear driven superstition to some. On this issue, if you believe in this anthropomorphic global warming agenda--you fit into one of two categories. Either you have been duped by the propaganda of the conspirators or you are one of the deceivers and fraudulent scientists, polititions, or despots with your hands in our pockets. There is no in between. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Wake up--is this utopian dream which is totally unattainable worth your freedom. For just one example--this proposal submits that a Global Government will take over all patent rights in this nation, including "intellectual property rights and all financial transactions". This includes what we are writing right here! Censorship and confiscation of any profit made by any media outlet will be imposed by this nonelected tyranny. Another part of this backdoor pickpocket scheme involves Nancy Pelosi's "Wall St. Tax". There is only one way that this tax could be implemented--that is through a "Global Agency". This is the scary part however> OBAMA IS DRIVING THE BUS>He has already made the backdoor deals with the Chinese and the Indians to move forward with this madness. He said as much yesterday: "We will reduce poverty worldwide through a sustainable and equitable development of green technology and the elimination of fossil fuel dependancy." The code word here is equitable. China and India will never concede to carbon emmission controls or charges. The exact opposite is true. While all Americans are penalized for every productive act they engage in, the "developing world" will grow and expand their control right into our own economy. China is receiving 1.5 billion in stimulis funding this week for Just four projects here in America. (More later on this). I see here at home now that a group of ex military men (well paid by corporate interests) are part of a John Kerry backed move to remind us of the national security implications of global warming. Apparently if a group somewhere has a flood or a drought we can blame it, like everything else , on global warming and it is all our fault if they attack us. BULL-S--- (John Kerry was in Viet Nam you know). The Heritage Foundation has a recent list of the most recent top 100 things to be blamed on climate change. It is quite enlightening to know that prostitution is on the list now. The point is this. These so called "respected scientists" Al Gore, Marquis-Waxman, the world banking and corporate Cabal, and co-conspirators should all be indicted for this fraud and Obama's hands are all over it. UPDATE--Your Energy Czar Dr. John Holdren has been implicated in this coverup. He states in an e-mail to J.C.S. Daily that the burden of proof in yhese climate issues is an "evolving thing." He has stated earlier that global warming opposers slow "our global political goals." As I said--BO fingerprints all over it. Lord Munkden Al Gore's thorn in the side has called for indictments to be filed in the UK against these scientists.



Well said. We need to Ram this down their throats. Every time they mention their scientific consensus, we need to object.

scott said...

Lord Munkden has weighed in today. He has called for an investigation by the Minister of Information in Brittain. Laws were broken by the attemted desruction of these incriminating e-mails. GO GET EM!