Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Little Miss Dangerous"

Excuse me Mrs. Palin but that song title came to mind today as both Newsweek and Obama's website OFA have delared you to be a very dangerous woman. This is truly very good news to conservatives everywhere. You touch a sensitive nerve with these deceitful and traitorous thugs in power. You put the fear of God in them and you will continue to do so. You are now ready to pass Obama in the approval polls and things look bad for all the Leftist Dems in Congress. Keep shining a light on them and chase these thieving roaches back into their holes!
I heard a letter from one of Sarah Palin's constituents on Quinn and Rose in the Morning that I would like to share with you. He says that all of those who would pigeonhole Sarah or try to marginalize her do not know how Alaskan politics work. It is not based on appearances or fluff pieces but on real action. There is more than meets the eye in Palin's record for those outside the state. First, she disrupted the "good ole' boy" republican network of corruption. in her state. Many of these men are now representing their constituents now in orange jump suits. The Dems. jumped for joy, throwing confetti around, and saying "he--he--hee." Sarah then went after Big Oil and Exxon to recover oil revenues for Alaskan citizens. Exxon threatened to pull out and she told them "not to let the door hit them in the arse on the way out!" They stayed of course and her Alaskan citizens are now not just rich but wealthy. She built bridges that they said could not be built. She has put a natural gas pipeline into the construction phase Something which no previous administration could do and many thought could not be done. It is the largest and most extensive construction project ever developed in the United States. Exxon was holding land as a private investment property and refusing to drill on the site. Sarah threatened to retract their drilling rights if the site was not developed. Exxon threatened to sue and she told them that she knew her way to the courthouse as well as they did. Needless to say, the site was opened up for drilling. Obama has set a goal of having 25% renewable energy online by 2015. Sarah Palin has achieved this already and has set a goal of 50% in the same time period. Her achievements are what should be considered here not her looks or public statements taken by bits and bytes--(And CERTAINLY not the actions of a little twit like her son-in-law, whose only claim to fame is getting a Palin woman pregnant.--my commentary) Clearly those on the left who wish to attack Sarah incessantly have never been scuba-diving. If the had they would realize that you don't come up behind a barracuda and snatch it by the tail very often. Sooner or later it will turn around and rip your face off! This from an Alaskan fisherman with 34 yrs. experience.
On another note------Please read the article in the American Thinker by James Simpson on this "malelovent administration and the Cloward-Piven strategy--Linked on my Conspirator list.
UPDATE__Another article in the American Thinker today is "The Wilding of Sarah", by Robin of Berkley. The reformed liberal that I have spoken of before puts it out there!

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