Saturday, November 21, 2009

Afghanistan Obama Style

Yesterday in the UK Telegraph I found that Brown in Brittain is planning on sending in more troops ahead of Obama, thus upstaging him. I also see that the Obama plan, already discussed here, includes payoffs to the Taliban to leave us alone and possibly switch sides. And Barack has the hubris to say, on the same day, that we must keep an eye on all Kharzi's moves as long as we are signing the checks. Just as troubling is a plan to subsidize the Heroin trade to attract the locals and keep them from swelling Taliban ranks. I see a true progressive socialist agenda, and Stalinist tactics at work here. It is a shame that it will never work. Bribery and Chicago thuggery don't work in Muslim nations.

OK, alrighty then; If this is to be the plan, let me make a suggestion. In the NY off cycle elections just gone by there was a little known issue passed. The state will now be permitted to release prisoners to work for "non-profit organizations." Now what we do is--release all the thugs (Hitler did this) and put them into training with Americorps and ACORN. We can get them enrolled in the SEIU at the same time. Then they must fulfill their committment here by working over the census redistricting before the next election. Here is where they get their real opportunity to put their "entrepeneurial skills" to work. The same skills that Van Jones says that they have in abundance in our jails, and we must take advantage of. We will then send them to Afghanistan to oversee the Heroin trade and the redistribution of American wealth to Afghani citizens. I am sure that they will be able to succeed beyond everyone's wildest dreams in their endeavors, considering their creds. These same citizens Hillary Clinton said last week--not us-- must be given first priority just like these poor victims in our prisons, whose civil rights and economic wellbeing must be upmost on our minds right now.


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Pretty scary stuff. Two years ago, I wouldn't not have considered believing this could happen, now I believe.


Boy Brown really does not want to get re-elected. How sad is it that Gordon Brown has more guts than our so called President.

scott said...

Military leaders right up to the top in the UK are now putting the big BO down for his dithering. They see what we in America can't or won't see in many situations.