Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Move In The RIGHT Direction!

Happy days for freedom loving patriots everywhere. Congrats. in Virginia for sweeping the top three seats in the state. One thing we have to be aware of in our own states is that a Soros funded and Hillary Clinton backed group of leftists has been stealthily supporting radical Dem. candidates for Lt. Gov. and Att. Gen. in as many states as they can. No matter who wins the Governorship they wish to institute their obscene tax and spend programs without oversight by the people. So keep your eyes on their "left" hands at home. I know from personal experience what an out of control Att. Gen. can do here in Ohio. Congrats to New Jersey as well. You folks have a lot of digging out to do after decades of Dem. control. Ny 23--Mr. Doug Hoffman has made a nationwide impression and the third party conservative candidate will be looked at with more respect from now on I think. Check out today's article in the Politico for a look at the conservatives making a move on the moderate "rino's". Rubio in Fla. in particular looks promising. A 49% to 45% margin is nothing to sneeze at in the NY race--well within the ACORN voter fraud margin of error. I just found out as well that he Skuzzyfavor witch still pulled 5000 votes--the exact number Hoffman needed to pull up in the race. The Spoiling little witch! Keep on keeping on! I smell fear in the air on the leftside. A long battle awaits us. Gibbs the "Pillsbury Spokesboy" says this offyear election means nothing. That tells you right there that we hit them where it hurts.

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