Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where Are My Loyalties?

Keep the faith vetrans! "No Sheeple Here" There are still a lot of us out here who support you wherever you may serve. The dithering idiot in chief has decided not to decide on an Afghan policy yet again. Whether or not this affects the mission and safety of the troops on the ground is being debated in military circles, however we do know what this lack of leadership has on morale. Leadership is needed--not disembling speeches. I really believe that Maobama has reached a point after the Ft. Hood TERRORIST attack where he cannot commit to a war on any Islamist/Fascist nation or group. It goes against his teachings--his roots. What Christian background he does have has only been in the form of rascist Black Nationalism and Marxism under Rev. Wright. You admit to Islamic ties, so quit the sham again Obama!--WE GET IT.

Here is a collection of some of the more recent news items and blogs I have come across here in this upside down BizarrOworld.

Want a good laugh? Go to the blog listed on my roll called Amusing Bunni's Musings and watch the You Tube video called Obama cat gets confronted. It is hilarious. "I am a Death Panel!"

From The St. Louis Dispatch--Local college students are forced to tear down a replica of a "Gulag" that they built as a commemoration of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. The administration said that it may be considered "offensive" to some. Now who might that be? The Obama administration and their Czars perhaps?
Calif. school uses stimulis money to hire motivational speaker for $65,000.
Mass. University invites 60's bomber and cop killer who served 35 years to speak on terrorism. Even the liberal Governor objected but the speech goes on.
Chinese man hires himself out as human punching bag for "stressed out females" at $50.oo a pop.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden's wife have good laugh together while laying wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. What was the private joke?

UPDATE--Whitehouse Hannukah dinner cut by half while state dinner for Indian Pres. is largest ever. Anti semetic--racist--couldn't be--not from the left--HA!

Obama refuses to attend Berlin wall commemoration (No doubt fear of the ghost of Reagan) but says he looks forward to visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We just can't wait for the next apology tour.
The NY Slimes attacks US military as drunks and wife beaters. ABC news says there are plenty of Christian nuts out there to. Anyone ready for The Next Crusade?
Bill Clinton--pervert excomunique--attacks conservatives with sexually loaded term--teabaggers. I think this lib. joke has gone far enough.
SC prohibited from issuing liscence plate saying "I BELIEVE" due to separation of church and state. This has never been in the constitution and we know it Always attack the Christian--but we have no protection under the law.
Pelosi says that passage of Deathcare bill is a necessary prerequisite for balancing the budget. This sounds like "Biden's Rule". You have to spend billions to get out of debt. Just add 2 Trillion worth of govt. bureacracy here and now and it will all be better. DUH, I'M SOOO STOOPID!

Black Columbia professor--59 punches out white female teaching asst. in Harlem bar.

After arguing about white privilege (See Quinn's Law previously posted here) things got violent and another white male had to break things up when the woman tried to hit the professor back. The prof. was arrested for assault. Apparently he didn't think that the asst. was doing enough to address this "serious"issue. Well we can surely see now that the professor is the victim here, right? He was clearly being harassed by these privileged haters and should clearly sue them and file a hate crimes suit report as well, right? Liberal/progressives are always mad--never satisfied and when the real world doesn't fit their utopian template they flip out. No sense of humor whatsoever. I think this is hilarious. Of course this will get no press--it's liberal on liberal violence.
Last night on the Michael Savage show, a therapist they call "Robin of Berkeley" was on. Her identity must be kept secret due to threat of reprisals in Berkely as she still lives there after graduating. She says that she had to deprogramherself after goigg through the Marxist indoctrination and constant intimidation for so many years. She is now doing a study of the current administration and what she sees as Anti-Social/bordering on Sociopathic tendancies in Obama, Emanuel, Michelle, and Hillary among others. She stated that many have noticed the narcissistic tendancies of Obama, but she believes it is much more dangerous than that. A narcissist is selfish to the core to be true, but a sociopath has the destruction of others in his mind at all times--destruction, intimidation, ridicule, slander of character, isolation and incrimination. These are the Alinskiite tactics we see here.


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