Monday, November 23, 2009

Shoot The Duck!

Hey all ya' rednecks and good ole' buddies and out there! Where's the ducks at? I got ma' duck boat all ready and ma' shotgun cocked and loaded and I ain't seen a feather. The old lady really had a hankerin' for a good duck dinner this Thanksgiving and she's about to kick ma' but if I don't bring home the goods. Well I gave a listen to this huntin' show the other day on WWVA and the Wildlife Fund told me what to do! Here's what they said. ----"Hey guys, when ya' go out huntin, don't shoot at the trees and other things when you don't see any ducks. You can't eat em'. Don't throw your boots and waders in the air and shoot em'. You gotta walk back to your pickup. The ducks are flyin' in late because of climate change and global warmin'. And don't keep lookin' up in the air and sayin' "There's one--There's one." No one thinks it's funny. Call yur representatives Rockefeller and Mollohan and tell em' to fight for the climate bill in congress to save environment and bring back our ducks."----(actual transcription folks) Well ain't that a hoot! Here I thought they all flew off to Cuba or somethin'. Well glory be, I'm a gonna get after these guys so they can bring the ducks back. Ma' old lady is a rough way to go when she don't get her dinner on time.
This is an insult to every cornbread and fried chicken raised farm boy and hunter out here in fly-over country. They really expect us old rednecks to believe that they are going to affect the environment as to offer us better hunting. I am a proud redneck with an attitude and a MIND. This is how they try to influence our vote on Union Card Check as well. They just put some actor--looking like a good ole' boy with a gut and a hard hat on TV and expect us to believe everything he says. this, when most of us have seen Union thuggery at work in the past. They show us empty fields and starving hillbillies ( degradation of our agriculture that environmentalists have ascerbated for years) and expect us to fall for any of their targeted propaganda. There are many good farmers and woodsmen out here who know more about conservation than these moonbats could learn in Harvard in a lifetime. But this is how the elite thinks of all of us--you too!

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