Monday, November 2, 2009

Uh Oh, The Poll Watcher Man

Take your cameras to the polls tomorrow as thug intimidation may be the rule of the day. so warns Rush Linbaugh. Sound advice for any who plan to go to Washington on Thursday as well. If Demoncats can't win at the polls or by intimidation, they will be stuffing ballot boxes with ACORN generated mail in ballots--already up 300% or more in NJ. NY districts are being instructed by the DNC to count absentee ballots even without checking for signature verification. Voter fraud may be declared in VA due to innacurate machines--(They have already questioned this ). Same ol' same ol' Chickago tactics. This is how we got Al Frankenstein. Just steal what you can't earn right? Vote redistribution and affirmative action representatives. The New Dealing American Way>

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