Monday, November 9, 2009

Do We Get It Yet?

All Hail! The 12'th Imam surely has arrisen. The faithful need wait no longer. He defends the faithful against the Infidel. He offers succor to our Holy Jihadists in the home of the Great Satan United States. We know that He was not born of this earth--there are no records--no witnesses--He surely rose up out of the well and the Great Akmadinajad witnessed it! His military is subdued by our great presence in His administration and inteligenge forces, and in their very schools and halls of power. We have our infiltrators in his forces and even at Guantanimo bay where we speak with the Heros of our cause. Sharia Law and our global ascendancy are at hand. These foolish cowards do not see. They have been blinded by HIS Holy Visage. Dr. Hassan is awake and speaking now. The ONE Hussein has saved him for another holy cause. All the Faithful must be vigilent and prepare now for The Final Jihad! Allah Akaba!
"SICCC" Believe me folks, this is what is being preached and taught at Mosques and even on our own military bases around the world. We are in grave danger--and none moreso than our brave troops. Our own president Hussein and his generals and DHS officials including Casey and Nepolitano are empowering our enimies here within and abroad. Make no mistake--it is by design. Another attack--and another--and another and it will result in the crisis that these "Useful Idiot" Leftists truly want. A few American lives is a small price to pay to them for their final rise to glory. Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres have said that millions of lives will be sacrificed in the communist final assault on our nation. They hate America as we have always known and will stop at nothing now to extend their power--even to the extent of imposing a form of Sharia law. I know it is a stretch, but just look at the signs! Rather than go into those here I recommend you go to the World Net Daily--linked on my site-- and read some of the evidence for yourselves. Keep your eyes open people, even in your own backyards! Police forces around the country have set up watchlists and are preparing for just such events as I see evidence of right now. This Jihadi's Immam has even called on his followers to bring in gang members to prostelatize, and then turn them loose on the streets of America armed with Uzi sub machine guns. Jihadists are on the streets of New York right now screaming the praises of Hassan and calling for the death of Americans. God Bless you and may he protect us and ours.

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I think I owe you a Congratulations!