Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can We Get Over It?

I discovered an article on the Drudge report concerning a Justice Dept./Eric Holder investigation involving a subpeana being issued to a liberal news subpeana requests all information, including IP addresses and credit card information, concerning visitors to the site on Oct. 25th. Presumably the "request" has been withdrawn but feathers have been ruffled on both sides. Here is some conjecture on why Justice may be interested. Firstly, this administration is building an enemies list of regular Americans on the left and right. Eric Holder has called us a nation of racial cowards. Recent postings at this site have described the protesters at this recent Wash. DC rally at Malcolm X square as black radicals and black nationalists. Some rally organizers as well as counter protesters are more than likely under investigation for "Hate Speech" or incitement.
This is the Obama nation now--BizarrO world. A real post-racial society right? With Wealth Redistribution well underway with HealthDeformity, Cap and Tax, Immigration Deformed, and a host of affirmative action "green" projects in the works I SAY GET OVER IT!

The reparations crowd has raised it's head above the crowd again. You ask why now? Well they see some opportunity here and now obviously. (I think they are going to be sadly dissapointed with their Dear Leader however) The radicals are never going to be satisfied with any progress made in the last century. My great-great-grandfather and mother were in small part a link in the Undergroud Railroad in PA and WV. My great-grandfather was influential in setting blacks up in business (horse ranching and cattle) in the county where I grew up. In my humble opinion I don't owe anyone reparations. We have an affirmative action Congress, Supreme Court, school system, govt. bureacracy, and President. "Preferred groups are receiving preferential treatment all over this nation. The point hhere is, though, that blacks are feeling left "in the back of the bus" by the new civil rights movement today. Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton have declared that the movement has been "hijacked". Now you ask--Who hijacked it? Why, the gays, the hispanics, and the Muslims of course. The class, racial, and societal divisions in our nation are only becoming wider. Obama the great community organizer is failing miserably at bringing us together as a nation. Bipartisanship, open door policy, transparency, accountability, integration--all beautiful utopian language-and all leftist CRAP. They desire none of the above. The true agenda is one of divide and conquer--keep "the masses" at each other's throats and distracted over what at times are trivial and divisive issues while the totalitarial regime assumes total and utter control of all of our so called freedoms, right down to your body, your life, and soul.
The Roman philosopher Cato once said--"The only thing that the Roman citizen really cares about is the pebble in the shoe". That is--What is it going to get ME? What is Obama going to give me? I'm afraid there are going to be many disapointments in store for the new entitlement class. All I see is smoke and mirrors--distractions, payoffs for the few elite, and propagandist KOOL-AID for the rest of us. Drink it at your own risk. Finally Ceasar said it best--"Just give them bread anc circuses". Welfare and cable porn.

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Got to love a good Cato quote. We really are going down the road road of old Rome.